Hey babes hey!! I am so sorry I have been so absent the past week! I was living it up in the bright, big, and beautiful city of Chicago!! A full breakdown of my trip will be in tomorrow’s post (I can’t wait to share it with you all)!! But today’s post is a short and oh so sweet breakdown of my exciting, yet tiring week! But on a side note, the weather in my area is so beautiful!! I wish I had the energy to go running (laughing face emoji). And some more exciting news: Prom is next weekend!! So much is happening, I can barley keep up! But anyway, take a look at my week and tune back into tomorrow for an inside look at my time in Chicago!!  (more…)

Hey there! Welcome back to week 35 on Mackenzie Kateri! This week was a particularly exciting week because I finally commit to a college, check it out!!! Such a bittersweet feeling to know that my high school career is almost over, it truly is incredible how quickly time flies. And even more great news, I leave for Chicago this Thursday!! How crazy is that?! I cannot wait!! But, that’s all for today. Quick. Short. Simple. And sweet! I hope everyone has an amazing week! Get outside! The spring weather is here! I’m about to go on a run now!! As always, thanks so much for reading! XO, MK (aka future college student!).  (more…)

Hey friends! It was a pretty jam-packed week between work and the pressure of college weighing me down! I began the fourth quarter at school as well, only a few more months until graduation!! And baseball season has started, something I am beyond excited about! I love going to the games to cheer my friends on. Though baseball season is here, baseball weather is not! My bff Hailey and I bring loads of blankets to the games! Confession: sometimes we even sit in my car and just pull up close to the fence. But, I mean who wouldn’t?! It’s better than shivering as the freezing wind… sometimes even rain showers smacks us in the face! Oh Spring time. But anyway, take a look at my week! As always, thank you so much for reading!! Happy Monday! XO, MK.   (more…)

Hi friends! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri; Another week has come and gone yet again! I hope everyone has recovered from their Easter sugar shocks! I know I have! I am going to Chicago soon with my scholastic team…17 days to be exact! And I can’t contain my excitement! In fact, my friend Christina and I are even going to the Chicago musical this weekend, which will be preformed at the local cultural center!! So check out what I have been up to as I patiently count down the days until my school trip! As always, thanks so much for reading and have an amazing week!! XO, MK.  (more…)

Hi everyone!! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! Today’s post- Seven Days One Sec Week 32! I hope you all had an amazing Easter and ate a lot of sweets! My week was filled with Easter festivities and shifts at work! But without a further ado, here’s what my week looked like at a glance. As always, thanks so much for reading and have a fab week babes! XO, MK.  (more…)

Hi there friends! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri. Week 31 already, I probably sound like a broken record by now, but boy does time fly! I had a very eventful week starting with Monday, which was senior skip day, and lasting right until Sunday! I have been jam packed working on college scholarships (ugh) and working at my new, fabulous and fashionable job! And homework assignments always manage to sneak up in my life! But anyway, let’s get to it! As always, thanks so much for reading and have a fabulous week! XO, MK.

3.19.18- Senior skip day!! My bff Hailey and I went on a road trip to the Kind of Prussia mall in Philadelphia. I bought a lot of super cute clothes for summer and my upcoming trip to Chicago, haul will he posted Wednesday!

3.20.18- I worked on fundraising for the scholastic bowl trip to Chicago!! And some homework of course.

3.21.18- Due to a snowstorm, I had an early dismissal at school! So after a day of relaxing and working on homework assignments, my friend Christina and I worked on a video with film from the protest we planned last Wednesday! Check it out, the link is below!! I am so happy with the final product.

3.22.18- I attended the Girls on Fire Event at a local college. The day included a panel of women (aka girl bosses) who work in untraditional work fields. In their line of work, they explained that if not always, but most of the time they are the only female in the work setting. The speakers emphasized the importance of confidence when faced with both awkward and sometimes uncomfortable work related situations, and the rising percentage of women in STEM occupations.

3.23.18- I had the day off of school, so of course that means an early morning gym session! When I got home I worked on more college scholarships… my favorite thing to do (eye roll). I also ran to the mall with my sis to return some clothes. Oh and I can I forget we stopped for froyo (my favorite snack!!).

3.24.15- I worked dayshift at New York and Company. A huge con of working in a retail store is that well, I want literally everything!! The clothes are so adorable! But, after work I spent time with my girl Rachel!

3.25.18- After Sunday morning mass, I helped my sister get ready for her cheer event, Passing of The Sword. A yearly tradition that announces the newest Miss. Viking and captains. I ended the day with a shift at New York and Company again! Below is a pic of my sister rocking her new yellow dress from Forever 21… on a side note yellow is totally trending this Spring… I love vibrant colors, but I am just not too sure how I feel about yellow!

Hey babes hey!! Week 30 already, where does the time go!? This week I hit 260 followers and I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you amazing and beautiful people who take time out of their busy and hectic schedules to read my posts! I love you all so much!! It has been exhilarating to watch Mackenzie Kateri grow and excel!

I had such an amazing and very eventful week! This previous Wednesday, my friend Christina and I planned a protest within our high school to not only honor the lives of the seventeen students who died in the Florida shooting, but to project our voice on gun violence in high schools. We both worked tirelessly planning the protest- booking speakers, writing our speech, and other tedious details such as balloons, ribbons, etc. Overall, I believe that the event was very organized and purposeful. The past few weeks, we have received a lot of negative feedback from our peers who believed that the point of the protest was to support gun control. However, we persistently stated that the protest represent an end of violence in school settings. The protest highlight that as future leaders, the youth of America must initiate change and reform. We must be find the solution. We must be the solution. Oh gosh, enough ranting! More details about the protest will discussed below! So, let’s get to it babes! As always, I hope you all have an amazing week. Crush goals. Work hard. Dream big. XO, MK.  (more…)