Hi, my name is Mackenzie and I’m a thriftaholic. I’m a thriftaholic and proud. However, I wasn’t always a fan of thrifting. The first time I entered a thrift store, I was overwhelmed by the chaotic array of clothing. And quite frankly, didn’t like the idea of wearing someone else’s clothes.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 8.50.04 PM.png

A few months later, and here I am. What started out as a hobby turned into a major lifestyle change. I went from shopping at Forever 21 and Target to spending my days at the Salvation Army and Goodwill. (more…)

Hi there friends!! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! These past couple months have been super crazy and chaotic, to say the least. But with my first week of classes right around the corner, and Summer shenanigans approaching an end, it’s time to get back to the work grind and buckle back down on the blogging schedule. That’s right, keep your eyes peeled for a new piece every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday! Fair warning: All pieces from this point on entail fall fashion… my favorite fashion! Ahhh. The faux fur, the dark color palette, the burgundy matte lips, the over the knee boots; It’s glorious.

Gosh, I am such a drama queen. 

Now that I’m out of breathe from that small rant. Let’s look at today’s post! Back to school fashion. The perfect mix of comfy and fashionable clothing. Comment your favorite looks below and your fav fall trends! As always, thanks so much for reading!! XO, MK.  (more…)

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of awkwardness, it was the age of Autumn. As summer 2018 enters its final scene, we near a seasonal stage of confusion. What do I wear? Do I pair my look with a chunky sweater or a jean jacket? Do I toss on a pair of kicks or booties? So many questions and not enough answers. Although I cannot wait for fashion fall and the end of an era of humid hair, I’m not exactly ready to summon my jean shorts and flip-flops to the back of my closet. So check out today’s post: Your on deck style guide of how to transition your summer looks to the perfect fall look book.  (more…)

As my bff Hunter and I aimlessly walked around the mall this weekend searching for sales, something caught my eye: Sales associates hauling crop tops and jean shorts back to the clearance racks, while replacing these summer essentials while polos, and khakis, and converse oh my. With the back to school sales rush soon to be in full swing, summer fashion nears an end. Shoppers are awaiting the arrival of fall palettes and looks. Any fall fashion predictions? My bets are on faux fur and burgundy. Now lucky for me as an incoming college freshmen, school uniforms are the least of my worries. However, finding a super cute and chic and spacious backpack is at the top of my list. As I began surfing the web determined to find the bag of my dreams, I came across more than a few stylish back packs for every girl- the modernist, the athlete, the vintage vixen, and oh gosh I should stop spoiling it. So, check em’ out and of course comment your favorites! As always, thanks so much for reading and have a fabulous week! XO, MK.   (more…)

Hey there friends!! Summer is in full swing and not much has been happening in my life besides tanning poolside, reading, and spending time with friends. I start college in a little over a month and yes, it’s a very overwhelming thought and scary to say the least. But, I am beyond excited to start a new chapter of my life. I am enjoying and savoring time with my friends before we all go our separate ways which is probably the scariest thought of all. Enough with the sad talk, let’s talk handbags. Boy, do I love purses. But what I love most about Summer season handbags is that they’re colorful, fun, and funky. The eccentric prints add sass and sparkle to every and any outfit. I’m a total guru, a handbag junkie. I practically drool over bags I see in the streets. Enough with the chit-chat, take a look at these killer bags. Get scrolling and possibly get shopping! As always, thanks so much for reading! XO, MK. (more…)

Summer is in full swing. And you know what that means- new trends! They’re fun, fresh, and fabulous to say the least. They’re retro and super vibrant. They’re a dream come true for fashionistas. This Summer is all about color and fun prints. So push your darker pieces to the side and spice up your wardrobe. Forget browns, blacks, and beiges. Total Fall vibes. Add pinks, purples, and blues- the possibilities are endless. Grab some patterns. Mix and match textiles. Be bold. Be big. So, get scrolling! Check out some of this season’s hottest trends. Stay cool this Summer, but most importantly stay stylish! As always, thanks for reading! XO, MK.  (more…)

Spring has sprung. And of course with every new season, comes some seasonal must haves. Although the spring weather isn’t in full swing, that’s not stopping me from flaunting these adorable pieces new patterns, new styles, and new accessories. So check em’ out! Comment your thoughts below! As always, thanks so much for reading! Stay stylish! XO, MK.

Fancy Pants

Palazzo pants. Flare pants. And paper bag pants. Oh my! Fancy pants are definitely trending this Spring, that’s for sure. New York Fashion Week models, celebs, and just about women everywhere are embracing the aesthetic of vibrant, free flowing pants. Pair the fabulous bottoms with a graphic tee or formal blouse. Slide on a pair of kicks or decked out heels. The fancy pants possibilities are endless. Pictured below: bold black paper bag pants from American Eagle.



Slide on a pair of these glam boho shoes The textured ballet flats are perfect to pair with any outfit. Maybe boyfriend jeans and a graphic tee, or a denim skirt or a printed off the shoulder blouse. The foot-friendly kicks come in a variety of styles such as laced and thick wedges. Sleek. Structured. Sassy. Pictured below: fuchsia espadrille wedge sandals from DSW.


Straw Tote

Grab this trending handbag while it’s hot! The tropical inspired tote pairs perfect with any Spring time outfit. They come in all different shapes and sizes, literally… square straw bags, circle straw bags, so much to choose from! And the best pair is that these bags are super roomy and great for traveling. Pictured below: Arya metallic straw bag tote from Francesca’s.


Tee Shirt Dress

Cozy. Comfy. Sassy. Stylish. And super easy. I am so obsessed with tee shirt dresses this season. They look adorable with high tops or super sleek Nike kicks. Dress em’ up or dress em’ down. Tee shirt dresses are the one stop look that are great for any occasion. Pictured below: heather grey wrap tee shirt dress from Misguided.



Add this print to your closet ASAP! The Springy, sweet pattern is totally trending. Grab a gingham dress. Or pair a patterned off the shoulder with white denim. Oh, but don’t forget your straw bag! Pictured below: red gingham tank from Topshop.