Summer is in full swing. And you know what that means- new trends! They’re fun, fresh, and fabulous to say the least. They’re retro and super vibrant. They’re a dream come true for fashionistas. This Summer is all about color and fun prints. So push your darker pieces to the side and spice up your wardrobe. Forget browns, blacks, and beiges. Total Fall vibes. Add pinks, purples, and blues- the possibilities are endless. Grab some patterns. Mix and match textiles. Be bold. Be big. So, get scrolling! Check out some of this season’s hottest trends. Stay cool this Summer, but most importantly stay stylish! As always, thanks for reading! XO, MK.  (more…)

Hey babes hey!! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! You are now looking at a high school graduate. Though my title in the world is different, I really don’t feel any different. In all honesty, I keep thinking that I have school on Monday! But, walking across stage was such a bittersweet feeling. I know that I am soon to open a new chapter of my life, but it breaks my heart leaving my friends, my teachers, and the memories in the past. Time really does fly.  (more…)

Hi friends!! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri!! It’s been a few weeks or two since I posted, so for that I deeply apologize! My schedule has been a crazy, chaotic, hectic mess! But, I am back and better than ever!! So as a peace offering, today I am sharing more than a few life updates and a short, yet detailed list of the biggest battles I faced in high school…along with some advice to underclassman!

So let’s start with the updates. Oh gosh, where do I begin! Let me think. I wanted to save the best for last, but I CANNOT contain my excitement- Mackenzie Kateri hit 300 subscribers!! An accomplishment that I am utterly grateful for. I am blessed to have such an amazing audience who takes time to read my pieces. You guys are my inspiration and motivation. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I am excited to watch my blog grow in days, months, and even upcoming years! The best is yet to come! As always, thank you times a million for reading. XO, MK. (more…)

At approximately 9:30pm, cars, trucks, minivans, cars of all shapes and forms cruised into the Riverside Junior Senior High School parking lot. Shortly after, the class of 2018 began to set up fort. Grills. Tents. Blow up mattresses. Volleyball nets. Basketball hoops. The students transformed the parking lot into a glamping amusement park. As the graduating class began to add final details to the campground such as WIFI, string lights, and lawn chairs, the seniors slowly realized that time was running out. (more…)

Oh boy, long time no see babes! A blog post is long overdue! Lately, my days have been jam packed with college craziness, graduation errands, finals, AP exams, and a little bit of senioritis. However, I am back and better than ever! I am beyond excited to share what I have been up to, and trust me there is a lot!! Sooooooo, drum roll please…. first on the list: senior prom!! At first I was a little nervous about my prom look because well, it’s a bit untraditional! But, I am so happy that I took the risk! Both my dress and fabulous, funky earrings are from ASOS (aka my new favorite website). Today, I am sharing with you a quick breakdown of my prom day and more than enough prom pics! As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope that you all have an amazing week!! XO, MK.  (more…)

Once in a lifetime opportunities only happen well, once in a lifetime. They are rare. Chase them. Fight for them. Cherish them. Last weekend, my scholastic bowl team and I hit the big city. A few months ago my team members and I heard news that we, a small group of teens from a small school and small town, earned a spot in the National Academic Quiz Tournament. Overwhelmed and excited by this amazing news, we spent hours upon hours each day until the competition studying and fundraising money for our trip. But last Thursday, the countdown was over. The hard work paid off. The seven of us boarded the plane. Next stop: Chicago! (more…)

Hey babes hey!! I am so sorry I have been so absent the past week! I was living it up in the bright, big, and beautiful city of Chicago!! A full breakdown of my trip will be in tomorrow’s post (I can’t wait to share it with you all)!! But today’s post is a short and oh so sweet breakdown of my exciting, yet tiring week! But on a side note, the weather in my area is so beautiful!! I wish I had the energy to go running (laughing face emoji). And some more exciting news: Prom is next weekend!! So much is happening, I can barley keep up! But anyway, take a look at my week and tune back into tomorrow for an inside look at my time in Chicago!!  (more…)