To All The Boys I Loved Before: Netflix Review

Yeah high school. Been there, done that. But, oh does this movie bring back memories.

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Spoilers Included: In the Netflix original movie, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Lara Jean Song Convey, the main protagonist, copes with her intense crushes by writing wannabe baes top-secret love letters…with no intentions of mailing them of course. However when Lara’s younger sister, Kitty, hears word of these secret notes, let’s just say it’s a total nightmare.

Lara, a quiet and conserved teen who spends her Friday night binge watching The Golden Girls, faces the consequences of her hostile, yet charming letters. Wait I forget to mention one minor detail: letter number five is addressed to her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Ouch. “Hey sis, I forgot to mention that I’ve secretly been in love with your boyfriend for a few years and wrote him a super sappy letter” Yeah… might not go over too well. So not only must Lara clean up her love letter mess, she must also take precautions to ensure that her sister does not hear word of this awkward situation.

Lead off batter: Peter Kavinsky. The first crush to receive a letter. BTW Peter just got out of a relationship, so this letter is more than a shock. Here’s the play by-play: Peter reads the letter. Peter walks up to Lara. And oh poor, poor Lara. She knows she has to think fast. So, before Peter even gets the chance to open his mouth, she leans in to kiss him.

Peter is in shock. Lara is in shock. Bystanders. Complete shock. 

So, after the whole sporadic kiss thing, Lara and Peter talk things out. She explains the situation: Peter I wrote a bunch of letters to all the boys I’ve ever had crushes on… you just happen to be one… congrats, hip, hip hooray, but now that there’s four other letters floating around, I’m in some serious trouble.

And Peter, still in shock, vents about the problems he has been having with his ex-girlfriend (total heart to heart between the two). So, Peter proposes that the they start “faking dating.” A potential solution to both of their problems.

Thus, a fake relationship was born. Contract and all.

But you know how that always ends up.

One thing leads to another. Fake feeling develop into real feelings.

Thus, a real relationship is born. And the contract is ripped to pieces.

The heartwarming romantic comedy is super sweet and hilarious. It’s a little nerve-racking at times wondering if Peter and Lara could power through the high school drama and an evil ex, but besides a few bitten nails, the movie is a mix of magic and laughter.

BTW: for super cute pics of the lovebirds, follow Lara (@lanacondor) and Peter (@ncentineo) on insta. 

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