Netflix Review: Life Sentence

(Warning: post may contain spoilers) I recently finished Netflix’s new original series Life Sentence, staring Lucy Hale and Brooke Lyons. In this heartwarming comedy, Lucy Hale plays the role of Stella Abbott, a young twenty some who is diagnosed with terminal cancer in her teen years. At such a young age, Stella’s life nears an end. Or so she thought. Following a few years of treatment and test trials, oh and a spur of the moment marriage, the doctors enlighten Stella with miraculous news. She is cured. Now with a seven month husband, no high school diploma, and well, no real world experience, Stella is forced to face the wrath of reality. And boy do things get messy. Secrets unravel. Ex-lovers appear. Marital disputes. Gosh, do not even get me started with the family drama.


As a Lucy Hale lover, I give this series a five star rating. Her perky, friendly, yet hardheaded personality is what makes her character so unique. A recent cancer patient who now feels that it’s her responsible to endlessly and unconditionally care for those who put their lives on pause to treat her. Another trait of Stella that I just adore is what else than her style. It mimics the look book of her long lived character from Pretty Little Liars, Aria Montgomery. Fun, edgy, sassy, and sweet. On the show, Stella struts a sweet, feminine look with an edge.   Lots and lots of polka dots, floral prints, and collared blouses. Oh, and how could I forget the retro bomber jackets. Total Carrie Bradshaw.


But, back to the plot. Stella and her six month husband Wes struggle to survive. Stella never in a million years thought that she would be cured. She never thought that she would have a future with Wes. The doubt and what ifs weaken their love, their relationship. Oh and then this super dreamy doctor shows up. Stella starts to think it’s love at first sight. But, she sets aside these clouded thoughts and tries to make her marriage work. (Team Stella and dreamy doctor btw). But, the series ends on a cliffhanger. It ends with Stella and Wes at a crossroad. Will they make their marriage work? Or will they savor their short lived love and move on? Only time will tell. So, as I sit here blogging and patiently waiting for the next season to come out…. I leave you all with these final words- go binge watch Life Sentence!! 


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