My Grad Party 2018

Hi friends!! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! After a few short (and stressful) weeks of graduation party planning and prep, the grand event finally took place. On Saturday, my friends and family gathered to celebrate my graduation. The event took place in my church banquet hall which was the perfect size. The color scheme of the party consisted of mostly golds, whites, and royal purple (the color of the university I am attending)!! I mixed this palette with shabby chic woods and burlap. I jumped on the Pinterest grad party band wagon and decorated the hall with photo boards, a candy bar, and of course, a rustic boho inspired photo booth. Check em’ out!! Overall, I had an amazing time and I am glad that I had the opportunity to celebrate my graduation with the people that I love most. As always, thank you so, so much for reading! XO, MK.

My favorite part of the party by far, were my photo wood palettes!! So simple, yet so adorable. I actually got these palettes for free, yes I said free, from a lumber disturber. And after I lugged them back to my house, my sister and I stained them with a dark, yet natural shade. Next, I grabbed the staple gun and draped twine from each side of the palette. Last but not least, I grabbed some miniature close pins (Hobby Lobby!!) and attached some of my favorite photos!!



Next order of business- the photo booth, well photo area. Shoutout to my dad for putting this whole thing together and hunting down rustic and unique pieces to dazzle my guests. I added tiny pieces of décor such as vintage such as the milk jugs, effervescent light strings, and old garden pots.


As center pieces, I grabbed a roll of burlap and a pack of mason jars! After some DIY magic, I created elegant, yet super simple masterpieces… if I don’t say so myself. I added photos of me at different stages of my life to the front. And the morning of the party I filled the jars with sunflowers and small white flowers! They came together perfect!! Other fun aspects of my party included all of my friends and family signing a globe with a silver sharpie and my memory box! I put notecards out on a table with a few pens and had my friends jot down summaries of our most favorite and fun memories!! Boy did I have some good laughs while rummaging through my box!!


Outfit Details: Shoes: ALDO, Dress: GABE'S, Necklace: Rue21, Earrings: Charming Charlies

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