2018 Summer Bucket List

It’s Summertime! The most carefree and fashion forward season. The most adventurous season of them all. The time of sunshine, road trips, pool parties, and playlists. Gather your friends. Grab a pen and piece of paper (maybe even a post board and cute, colorful markers if you’re feeling spontaneous). And check out my 2018 Summer bucket list. I already crossed off a few of these activities (pictures included of course,) but I can’t wait to mark every box with a check! I hope that my list inspires you all to try something new, something different this Summer! As always, thanks so much for reading! XO, MK.

  1. Berry Picking

  2. Go to The Beach with Friends


  3. Amusement Park

  4. Shopping Day Trip with The Girls

  5. Rainy Day Movie


  6. Make a Pie

  7. Breakfast Date with Babes

  8. Go Karting

  9. Mini Golf

  10. Zip Lining

  11. Drink Smoothies From a Pineapple

  12. Day at The Waterpark

  13. Homemade Ice Cream

  14. Blind Makeovers

  15. Visit NYC

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