2018 Senior Campout & Cookout

At approximately 9:30pm, cars, trucks, minivans, cars of all shapes and forms cruised into the Riverside Junior Senior High School parking lot. Shortly after, the class of 2018 began to set up fort. Grills. Tents. Blow up mattresses. Volleyball nets. Basketball hoops. The students transformed the parking lot into a glamping amusement park. As the graduating class began to add final details to the campground such as WIFI, string lights, and lawn chairs, the seniors slowly realized that time was running out.


Around 10:00pm, my classmates and I walked around the parking lot chatting and complimenting other’s set ups. Several of my peers brought televisions and Xboxes to utilize throughout the night. Oh boys and their gaming devices. As the night continued, students played volleyball and music. Eventually, we ended up gathered in a circle reminiscing, singing, laughing, and dancing. My friend Hailey and I grabbed some snacks and secured seats on the air mattress located on top of a tailgate.


Around 3am, I could feel my eyes began to close and saw my friend Hailey starting to doze off. So, I suggested a quick nap! She applauded my brilliant idea. Then, we snuck away for a quick power nap. Following this energizing snooze, our night concluded with endless laughs, a few rap battles (of course), and some graduation shenanigans.


In the morning, I quickly went home before the cookout to grab a coffee (much needed), shower (very much needed), and grab a change of clothes. When I arrived back at the school, my peers were grilling burgers and hot dogs. A lot of the teachers slipped out during their free periods to spend time with my class and grab some free food! However, the cookout slowly began to dwindle down as the food supply ran low. Happy campers packed up. The car count slowly decreased. And the music gradually faded away. Just like our high school days, the campout/ cookout neared an end. The Class of 2018 campout/ cookout was an memorable event. Though it was one of out last adventures together, it was unforgettable.


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