Get Ready With Me: Prom 2018 Edition

Oh boy, long time no see babes! A blog post is long overdue! Lately, my days have been jam packed with college craziness, graduation errands, finals, AP exams, and a little bit of senioritis. However, I am back and better than ever! I am beyond excited to share what I have been up to, and trust me there is a lot!! Sooooooo, drum roll please…. first on the list: senior prom!! At first I was a little nervous about my prom look because well, it’s a bit untraditional! But, I am so happy that I took the risk! Both my dress and fabulous, funky earrings are from ASOS (aka my new favorite website). Today, I am sharing with you a quick breakdown of my prom day and more than enough prom pics! As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope that you all have an amazing week!! XO, MK. 


11:06pm– All senior and juniors were excused early from school! So before I head out to conquer my day, I ran home to change into a button down and eat a quick snack!

12:00pm Makeup appointment at MAC: my makeup look was very fresh, sparkly, and Summery. I paired a light gold shimmery eye shadow with a bright and bold red lip. BTW I am so obsessed with the red lipstick I wore to prom. The name of the lippie is rock red. It’s totally vintage rock and roll vibes– I love it! 


1:15pm Headed to my hair appointment- shoutout to Alex for the amazing up-do!

2:45pm I put on my dress and accessories!! I purchased the green tassel earrings from ASOS as well and borrowed the adorable green bow shoes from a girl at school!


3:00pm My date arrived at my house and we took a few pictures. Then, we headed to my friend Gabby’s house for group photos.


3:30pm- We arrived at Gabby’s house! The group photos were nonstop! Parents. Family members. Paparazzi. Everywhere. Check them out!



5:45pm- We left Gabby’s house! My date Kyle, Gabby, her date Devin, and I all drove together to the event location.


6:00pm- Finally, after a super long day filled with glam preparations and pictures, we arrived at prom! I had an unforgettable night with amazing friends. I danced the night away with my girls on the dance floor. I had a blast in the photo booth. And cheered on my girl Gabby as she was crowned Prom Princess 2018.




  1. Mackenzie OMG!!! You looked absolutely perfect. I love that dress so so much and those green shoes are to die for! So glad you had an awesome time and can agree about all the AP exam craziness! Hope your last few days of senior year are perfect xoxoox

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