My Trip To Chicago

Once in a lifetime opportunities only happen well, once in a lifetime. They are rare. Chase them. Fight for them. Cherish them. Last weekend, my scholastic bowl team and I hit the big city. A few months ago my team members and I heard news that we, a small group of teens from a small school and small town, earned a spot in the National Academic Quiz Tournament. Overwhelmed and excited by this amazing news, we spent hours upon hours each day until the competition studying and fundraising money for our trip. But last Thursday, the countdown was over. The hard work paid off. The seven of us boarded the plane. Next stop: Chicago!

Plane views!! (Heart Eyes)
Look at that skyline!! 


And we’re off!!


After an early morning flight, the plane landed around 9am, which gave us the perfect opportunity to explore the windy city. Following a delicious breakfast, my team and I hopped on the chaotic transit. We visited iconic monuments such as Agora, and other locations including Could Gate, the field museum, and Navy Pier. We enjoyed an amazing lunch at a small shop! We devoured pizza and gelato. I got a mix of strawberry and vanilla! As our adventurous day neared an end, we practically dragged ourselves to the hotel. No amount of coffee could provide the energy we needed to continue. The night ended with a movie in the hotel room!



The next day we had yet another amazing breakfast in bed, then we hit another Chicago attraction. A huge shopping mall that wasn’t too far from the hotel. After a few hours of shopping (the boys went back to the hotel lol) my friend Christina and I went back to our room to relax for a little bit before dinner and a night of scrimmages. The scrimmages were super fun we traveled from conference room to conference room competing against different teams from around the country. Later that night we even made some friends from a school in Arizona. It was neat learning about their curriculum and school events in comparison to my high school. And of course we my team ended the night with yet another movie night!


Saturday was competition day! Our scheadule consisted of fifteen matches back to back to back all day!! The questions tested our vast knowledge of topics such as philosphy, history, geography, litetaure, mythology, current events, math, and so much more! After a long and tired day of matches, my friend Christina and I explored the hotel late at night!! To our surprise we ran into a few familiar faces such as Luke Perry, KJ Apa, and Cole Sprouse!! How crazy is that!?! So following our fun superstar filled night, we practically fell asleep as soon as we got back to the hotel room.



On our last and final day in the city, we first obersved the championship game. Following this, we also attended the award ceremony that honored all the team’s efforts and academics acheievments. And what beter way to end an amazing trip, than an amazing dinner. We walked from our hotel to Bub City, a great restraunt with even better food! Too tired to continue exploring the hotel, my team and I hit our rooms to pack and prepare for our flight the next morning.


Meet the Team!! 

The following morning, my team and I ate breakfast, then grabbed to our to hit the road. After a long security and baggage process, we relaxed in the airport for a few hours until our plane began to board. Upon our arrival home,I wa greeted by my wonderful family at the airport!!


Overall, my team and I had an amazing experience in the city and were beyond grateful that we were given this once in a lifetime opportunity. As seniors, this trip is something we will all rememebr for the rest of our lives! We are so very much thankful for our team advisor as well and everyone in the district that cheered us on. Our trip to the windy city was certainly unforgettable! XO, MK.


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