Seven Days One Sec #36

Hey babes hey!! I am so sorry I have been so absent the past week! I was living it up in the bright, big, and beautiful city of Chicago!! A full breakdown of my trip will be in tomorrow’s post (I can’t wait to share it with you all)!! But today’s post is a short and oh so sweet breakdown of my exciting, yet tiring week! But on a side note, the weather in my area is so beautiful!! I wish I had the energy to go running (laughing face emoji). And some more exciting news: Prom is next weekend!! So much is happening, I can barley keep up! But anyway, take a look at my week and tune back into tomorrow for an inside look at my time in Chicago!! 

4.23.18- After school, I worked on a few homework assignments, hit the gym, and went shopping for some last minute traveling items!

4.24.18- Stayed in for the night!! I went to the gym for a little bit, but I was so tired! I decided to catch up on some school work that I was going to miss throughout the week and watch some Netflix!

4.25.18- Final preparations for my trip to Chicago and yes that includes last minute packing!! Then, I spent the last few hours before my flight hanging out with my besties!! How cute is this balloon that was hung up on mine and my teammate’s lockers!


4.26.18- Next stop Chicago!! The first day in the city my team and I set out to explore! We went to iconic places such as Cloud Gate, the Field Museum, and Agora. Coffee was a must!!



4.27.18- Day 2 in the big city! After an exciting, yet exhausting day wandering the streets of Chicago, my team slept in then hit some other hot Chicago sites before the competition.


4.28.18- Day 3 and competition day!! My team and I compete in NAQT games all day!!


4.29.18- Day 4! We attended the award ceremony and watched the finalists play in the 1st place game!

4.30.18- Final day in Chicago!! After an early breakfast, my team and I hit the airport! We spent most of the day hanging there awaiting the boarding of our plane!



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