Seven Days One Sec #35

Hey there! Welcome back to week 35 on Mackenzie Kateri! This week was a particularly exciting week because I finally commit to a college, check it out!!! Such a bittersweet feeling to know that my high school career is almost over, it truly is incredible how quickly time flies. And even more great news, I leave for Chicago this Thursday!! How crazy is that?! I cannot wait!! But, that’s all for today. Quick. Short. Simple. And sweet! I hope everyone has an amazing week! Get outside! The spring weather is here! I’m about to go on a run now!! As always, thanks so much for reading! XO, MK (aka future college student!). 

4.16.18-After a long day at school, I went to visit my friend Rachel who was feeling a bit under the weather! And it turns out she had a super cute surprise waiting for me! She knows me too well, check out this adorable mug!

4.17.18-Homework. Some more homework. And a little bit more homework. Such a fun Tuesday night lol!

4.18.18- I commit to a college! In the fall, I will be double majoring in political science and strategic marketing at the University of Scranton!

Outfit Details: Dress: TJ Maxx, Boots: JC Penny, Leggings: Forever 21, Necklace: New York and Company


4.19.18-I waited all week for this day to come! My prom dress arrived in the mail!! It looks fabulous!! I have never been so in love with any of my formal dresses!! Pictures soon to come!!

4.20.18- Half day at school due to parent teacher conferences! I spent the day and night hanging out with my friends!

4.21.18- I worked all day at New York and Company, and boy was it packed! Then, later that night I did a little shopping for my upcoming trip to Chicago!

4.22.18- I worked dayshift again!! After work, I went home to finish some homework and a paper!

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