Seven Days One Sec #34

Hey friends! It was a pretty jam-packed week between work and the pressure of college weighing me down! I began the fourth quarter at school as well, only a few more months until graduation!! And baseball season has started, something I am beyond excited about! I love going to the games to cheer my friends on. Though baseball season is here, baseball weather is not! My bff Hailey and I bring loads of blankets to the games! Confession: sometimes we even sit in my car and just pull up close to the fence. But, I mean who wouldn’t?! It’s better than shivering as the freezing wind… sometimes even rain showers smacks us in the face! Oh Spring time. But anyway, take a look at my week! As always, thank you so much for reading!! Happy Monday! XO, MK.  

4.9.18- I went to the boy’s baseball game against their rival team! My friend Hailey and I made signs to cheer on our friends!

4.10.18- After school, I went prom dress shopping with girls Rach and Hunter! And of course, we never travel without Dunkin. I didn’t find a dress but my friend Rach found a gorgeous ball gown… so in love with it!


4.11.18- I worked from 5-9:30! So, I was exhausted by the time I got home!!

4.12.18- I studied for a little bit after school for my economics quiz, then later on that night I went out with my friends! The local hangout spot of course!

4.13.18- After school, I went to the mall for a little bit with my sis (picked up a super cute pair of booties on clearance!!) and a trip to my favorite place… Sweet Frog! Then, since it was Friday night, a campfire with friends was a necessity. It was so nice out! Almost eighty degrees!


4.14.18- I worked day shift at New York and Company!! I was so tired when I got home!

4.15.18-Lazy Sunday type of day! Netflix. Homework. And a little bit of cleaning. I don’t know about you guys, but I am totally blowing off my Spring cleaning, even though I shouldn’t be UGH!



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