Law of Attraction: Girl Boss Habits

Hi my loves! How is everyone’s week going!? Mine, a bit slow. Well, no… very slow!! I can’t believe it’s ONLY Wednesday! And I know the irony, all I do is complain that I feel like time is flying by, but oh how the tables have turned! But anyway, my piece today is super, super fun and girl boss inspired! So gather round my girl boss squad and read some rad girl boss habits! I composed this list by reading up on other girl boss’s routines and tips, while implementing a few of mine own of course!! As I soon attempt to take on the chaotic life of a college student, I found it only necessary that I exhibit these traits and practice these habits.

But, before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s review. The Law of Attraction (LOA) is the belief that like attracts like! Positive thoughts translate into a positive and healthy lifestyle. What you believe you become. Visualization is key. Picture your goals and dreams and make them a reality. So let’s get to it!! As always, thanks so much for reading! XO, MK (aka just another girl striving to the ultimate girl boss) 

  1. Early bird catches the worm: Early girl boss catches the gold. Wake up early. Tackle the world.
  2. Plan and plan again: First off, a planner is a girl boss must have! And by NO means am I insinuating to plan every minute of your day, but always have an idea of what the day at a whole is going to look like. While researching, I stumbled upon an acronym that is great for planning: S.M.A.R.T. S: Specific, M: Measurable, A: Achievable, R: Routine, T: Timely.
  3. Have a plan/ mission statement: Have an end game. Have an overall life plan that you want to work towards: career, education, family, etc. This goes hand and hand with a mission statement- envision your future, make it a reality.
  4. Always network: Girl boss logic. Put your name out there! Put yourself out there! Never be afraid to make new friends or introduce yourself to important people.
  5. Affirmations: I am a firm believer that affirmations positively impact our lives. They are strong and powerful words that heal the mind. A daily douse of necessary confidence.
  6. Keep learning: A girl boss must never stop learning. Throughout the day, I always make it a habit to jot down new things or ideas, sometimes even quotes that I hear! The power of knowledge is invaluable.
  7. Be vocal: Never suppress your voice. Ask questions. Express your ideas. This rare quality is power.
  8. Morning routine: YES! A morning routine is vital to a positive and healthy lifestyle. Every morning, while I sip my morning coffee I grab a sticky note and pen to compose a tiny to do list! Sometimes I will even jot down a few goals I have for the week.
  9. Stay balanced: Balance is everything. Whether it be in your diet, or life in general (social life/ work), one will never achieve success if their priorities are unclear.
  10. Self-love: I believe that self-love is MOST important. Without it, one will never have the confidence to achieve their goals and dreams. It is an essential in the girl boss tool belt.


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