Riverside High School Production of Footloose Review

Imagine living in a town that deemed dancing a crime. Yup. No popping or locking. No shimmy, and certainly no shaking. In the small Midwestern town, Bomont, a righteous minister bans the art of dance. However, when a rad Chicago teen enters this monotonous world, he enlightens his classmates with a new perspective. Though his transition from city life is a tad bumpy, he not only finds friends who are also fed up with the restricted Midwestern lifestyle, but love as well.


As a fan of the classic 1984 film Footloose, I was beyond excited when the drama club announced that they would be preforming this iconic show. Yet upon entering the auditorium doors last night I carried several expectations that I felt were only necessary in the recreation of such a memorable blockbuster: an abundance of energy, wicked dance moves, and a scandalous love triangle. It only took a few minutes into the opening act to realize that the drama club’s Spring production was not only going to meet all of these standards, but be an unforgettable performance. The play began with an energetic flash mob through the audience onto the stage; The cast came together to welcome their crowd with an exuberant opening number. Brentyn Martin played the role of the rebellious newbie Ren McCormack. And his soon to be lover, Ariel Moore, was fulfilled by the vibrant and animated Gabby Constantio. The dynamic duo effervescently tackled the consequences of rock and roll, while portraying an undeniable attraction on stage. Together their voices harmonized, and indviually their sparkling complexions lit a fire not only on stage, but in the audience as well. Other roles that contribute to the fabulous Footloose production included Ariel’s girl squad, who captured the character’s personalities flawlessly: Wendy Jo, played by the marvelous Rachel Yackobowtiz and Rusty, played by the charming Olivia Fedor. Rachel embodied the persona of a sweet southern bell. Her memorizing, angelic voice was an asset to the production. And the role of Rusty was made for Olivia; She added necessary douses of attitude and sass. Not to mention her head over cowboy boots crush for the school bully was simply charming. One other character that I felt wowed the audience with not only their slick dance moves, but animated voice is Chuck, played by Gus Mejia. In fact, I believe that this role was a match made above. His Emmy awarding bad boy attitude. His totally rad dance moves. A job well done. 


By the end of the production, I was speechless. I was not only amazed by the acting on stage, but the months of hard work that by peers put into the show. After the play, I decided to ask a few of my classmates their experiences on the cast of Footloose!


Gus Mejia, Senior:

“It was both my first and last year in drama club, and it has been a great experience!”

Gabby Constantio, Junior:

“The making of this production has been so much fun and I have grown close with several of the seniors. This is going to be a play to remember!”

Olivia Fedor, Junior:

“Every song is just so much fun. They are so easy to jam out and dance to!”

Maya Falcone, Freshmen:

“I have had so much fun the past few months and have formed great friendships with the upperclassmen!”

Rachel Yackobowtiz, Junior:

“I have developed relationships with the younger classman. Because of drama, I am friends with people that I wouldn’t normally get a chance to talk to during school hours!”



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