Seven Days One Sec #32

Hi everyone!! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! Today’s post- Seven Days One Sec Week 32! I hope you all had an amazing Easter and ate a lot of sweets! My week was filled with Easter festivities and shifts at work! But without a further ado, here’s what my week looked like at a glance. As always, thanks so much for reading and have a fab week babes! XO, MK. 

3.26.18- Different Monday. Same routine. Started my week right with an epic workout! Later on, I worked on some homework for the upcoming week! After, my bff Hailey and I went to the first baseball game of the season!


3.27.18- Dreaming about Spring break, my friend Lauren and I went to the movies! We saw Midnight Sun that stared Bella Thorne!! It was SOO good!!!


3.28.18- After school, I planned some blog posts and went threw old pictures searching for memorable moments to add to the senior slideshow, which is a presentation at the end of the year to reminisce about the old days!


3.29.18- Every year at my school the half day before Easter break begins, every grade gathers in the gymnasium to watch the volleyball championship game! My friend Noah and I announced the game, narrating the plays and making jokes of course! It was super intense and so much fun! After the dismissal, I grabbed smoothies with my bff Hailey, my sis, and her friend Alex. I got pineapple and strawberry! So delicious! 


3.30.18- I had the day off from school, but not work!! I spent the day at New York and Company! After that I went Easter shopping with my girl Rach!


3.31.18- In the morning, I attended a super fun Zumba class taught by my favorite instructor. And boy did that workout kick my butt!! Then once again, another day at work!! And finally after an exhausting shift, my friend Hailey and I surprised our friends (twin brothers) for their birthday! We brought cake and balloons, and spent the night celebrating with besties!


4.1.18- Happy Easter! After church in the morning, my sis and I dyed Easter eggs! And as for the rest of the day, I spent it at my Grandmother’s house with friends and family.

IMG_1604 (1)IMG_1618 (1)

Outfit Details: Dress: ZARA, Shoes: DSW, Earrings: Target




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