5 Words To Use More Often

Hey babes hey! Friday kicks off my Spring break, so I am super excited to have a few days off, even if that entails working on homework and scholarships! Also, tomorrow is the big volleyball championship game at school. In gym class, we are designated volleyball team that compete for a spot in this game, so you can say this is a big deal! Unfortunately, I am not playing in the game, but my friend Noah and I are announcing it! And I am so excited to see the two teams battle it out on the court. But anyway, I can’t believe Easter is this Sunday. It is almost the fourth quarter in my high school, and that means less than fifty days until I graduate. Geez, does time fly! But speaking of Easter, today’s blog post is a few new words to toss around the dinner table to impress your family! I posted a piece similar to today’s post a few months ago, so I thought it would be exciting to create a list of five new fun words! Get scrolling! Check em’ out! Comment your thoughts below! As always, thanks so much for reading and I hope that everyone has an amazing Easter! XO, MK.

1. Lackluster /lakˌləstər/ -adj 

lacking in vitality, uninspiring

2. Effervescent /efərˈves(ə)nt / -adj 

vivacious and enthusiastic

3. Paroxysm /ˈperəkˌsizəm/ -noun 

a sudden outburst of emotion

4. Mountebank /moun(t)əˌbaNGk/ -noun 


5. Acedia /əˈsēdēə/ -noun 




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