18 Things I Learned in High School

Hi babes! How is everyone’s weeks going so far!! I had an early dismissal at school today due to a mild snowstorm in my area, but hey I’m not complaining! Today’s post is fun and different- 18 Things I Learned in High School! With graduation soon approaching, I wanted to share 18 life lessons I have taken away from Riverside High School. As always, thanks so much for reading and have an amazing day! XO, MK. 

  1. Gossip is gossip: From the beginning of time, gossip has spread like wildfire from one clique to another. And newsflash there’s nothing you can do to stop or deny it. Once the dreadful lies have filled the halls, it’s like trying to squeeze toothpaste back into the tube. I attend a very small school so, a rumor started first period is all the talk second. But I have learned that these rumors and lies, are just that. I have learned that whispers do not define who I am.
  2. These lips don’t lie: It has taken me until senior year to realize this, but boy it is clear as daylight now. Speak your mind. Do not suppress your opinion or voice just because you are afraid it will cause conflict.
  3. Boy besties: Find boy besties. Girls are drama. And boys quite frankly tell you the truth. They tell you if you did something to offend them or if you aren’t acting yourself. And sure the truth can sometimes be hurtful, but I have learned that the truth is better than fake girlfriends.
  4. Find your person: I would be lost without my bestfriend Hailey. I trust her with everything. She’s my go to girl. My partner in crime. I cannot imagine high school without her. IMG_E1079
  5. Forget the bandwagon: Just because everyone is “doing it,” doesn’t mean you have to. I have learned that subjecting myself to uncomfortable situations doesn’t make me cool, it makes me just like everyone else.
  6. Love yourself: I stress this the most. I have learned that confidence is key. I spent most of high school hating my body and I regret it. I would stay home some nights because I felt that I looked fat in my outfit. But gradually, I learned that life is easier when you learn to love yourself. It will take time, but the payoff is invaluable. IMG_3490
  7. Bye bye bad blood: Three words. Let. It. Go. I have spent so much of my high school career resenting a few of my peers and holding grudges against ex-friends. But, I have learned that after high school these hatreds are meaningless, so why should it matter now?
  8. Don’t stress: I know a little ironic coming from the girl who stresses if her lipstick is a slightly different shade than her shoes, but I mean it! Sometimes you need to take a nap or turn in a homework assignment that you didn’t give a hundred percent on! It’s not the end of the world. One bad grade does not drastically impact your life or GPA.
  9. Haters gunna hate: Preach. Preach. And preach some more. You are not going to get along with everyone. You cannot please everyone. People are going to talk about you. Accept it. Move on. What does her opinion matter?
  10. Try new things: Do not be afraid to try new things. Put yourself out there. Take risks.
  11. Be yourself: Never change who you are to fit in with a crowd. And never ever lose yourself trying to be someone you’re not.
  12. Stay single: A little honesty never hurt anybody. Speaking from my perspective as a high school student, teenage boys are immature and want to hangout with their “bros.” Wait until college to find boys who are will prioritize you and put effort into building a relationship.
  13. Live while you’re young: You only go to high school once, so have fun! Spend time with your friends, laugh a lot, and go on adventures.  IMG_4559
  14. Prioritize yourself: Always put yourself first. Goals. Dreams. Anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself.
  15. Life exists outside high school: I have learned that in a few years all the drama in high school will be forgotten. After graduation, the world awaits.
  16. Time flies: High school goes by in the blink of an eye. One day you are a freshmen struggling to open your locker and the next you are graduating. img_4516-e1511041635201
  17. Enjoy the little things: I wish I knew this as a freshmen. I have learned that it’s the little things that matter the most in life. Cherish every moment, because soon they’re will not be any more memories to hold on to. Remember the late nights spent with friends around the fire. Remember the time you laughed so hard with your bestie that you almost peed your pants. I know for me I will always remember the fun nights I spent and still currently spend hanging out at a local parking lot (it’s a small town kid thing) laughing and joking with friends. Sure it doesn’t seem that fancy or impressive, but I just love the feeling of being surrounded by the people who matter the most. IMG_1392
  18. Dream big: Reach for the stars. Strive to achieve the most wildest dreams. A lot of people say “oh high school is where you make it or break it.” No…. not at all. It’s what you do after high school that matters the most. It’s what you take from your past experiences that contribute to your future.


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