Seven Days One Sec #30

Hey babes hey!! Week 30 already, where does the time go!? This week I hit 260 followers and I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you amazing and beautiful people who take time out of their busy and hectic schedules to read my posts! I love you all so much!! It has been exhilarating to watch Mackenzie Kateri grow and excel!

I had such an amazing and very eventful week! This previous Wednesday, my friend Christina and I planned a protest within our high school to not only honor the lives of the seventeen students who died in the Florida shooting, but to project our voice on gun violence in high schools. We both worked tirelessly planning the protest- booking speakers, writing our speech, and other tedious details such as balloons, ribbons, etc. Overall, I believe that the event was very organized and purposeful. The past few weeks, we have received a lot of negative feedback from our peers who believed that the point of the protest was to support gun control. However, we persistently stated that the protest represent an end of violence in school settings. The protest highlight that as future leaders, the youth of America must initiate change and reform. We must be find the solution. We must be the solution. Oh gosh, enough ranting! More details about the protest will discussed below! So, let’s get to it babes! As always, I hope you all have an amazing week. Crush goals. Work hard. Dream big. XO, MK. 

3.12.18- Christina and I spent the night preparing for the upcoming protest! We made posters, worked on the itinerary, and made some ribbon pins!


3.13.18- Another day of working on last minute protest details! We also worked on fundraising for the scholastic team trip to Chicago! Oh and how can I forget! In my creative writing class we worked on door decorating, an event that each classroom decorates their door to celebrate Read Across America! The theme was one word book titles, so we chose Matilda! It came out so cute!

IMG_1407 (1)

3.14.18- Protest day! The support from not only my peers, but the community was overwhelming! Below is a video of my friend Christina and I presenting our speech to the student body and other pics from the event! (The video is a little blurry!!)

3.15.18- I attended an event at my elementary school with two of my peers. We answered questions about high school! The fifth and sixth grade students were so sweet! They asked questions about peer pressure, bullies, and other typical high school concepts! I got out of the event earlier than I expected, so after I treated my sis to some Sweet Frog froyo!

3.16.18- My classmates and I attended a youth and government forum at a local college hosted by a state rep. Overall it was really fun and super interactive! I had the opportunity to talk to government employees one on one and in Q/A panels.



3.17.18- I worked all day Saturday!! I am finally working the cash register! Later that night, I went out with my best friend Hailey!

3.18.18- I spent the day running errands and helping my mom Spring clean! And of course relaxing with my main homie Sophie.




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