Love Netflix Original Series Review

Hi guys! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! I normally do not blog Netflix reviews, but the original series Love has won my heart. The epic romantic comedy features hilarious star crossed lovers Mickey Dobbs and Gus Cruikshank in downtown Los Angeles. Bored and scrolling through my Netflix top picks, I found the three season series. The episodes are super short and boy are they relatable. Each episode is about thirty minutes long, so I blew through them in no time! 


Love captures the idea of building a relationship in modern society; the fear of commitment, embarrassment of intimacy, and vicious temptations. The two lovers Mickey and Gus are extremely untrustworthy; Mickey, a radio show producer, is a recovering alcoholic, and Gus is a teacher on the set of an LA show who reveals little about his past. However, both characters slowly begin to open up to one another as they build their relationship. So, not only does the show highlight that dating in the twenty first century is a cruel and unusual punishment, but that patience is key to the dating scene as well.  Oh and how can I forget Bertie- Mickey’s foreign best friend who only adds to the comedic value of the show. Her unique perspective of an ideal relationship emphasizes the devalue of American culture. Despite a whimsical plot of ups and downs, I am totally team Mickey and Gus.


Gus is nerdy, quirky, and sometimes brutally honest.  He faces the wrath of entitled teenage actors at work on the daily. And Mickey. Mickey is my spirit animal. She has no filter at all. She says it just how is it. I applaud her noble, yet cruel honesty. Her style is so laid back, but always on point- sporty chic casual. And she always wears a pair of retro combat boots with adorable western buckles. (Bertie and Mickey pictured below!)


Enough chit-chat! I do not want to give away any spoilers! So, what do you all think! Who is going to watch Love? Comment your thoughts below! As always, thanks for reading! And have a fabulous week babes! XO, MK.

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