Seven Days One Sec #29

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! Today on the blog, week 29 of the Seven Days One Sec wrap up series! I am beyond excited for this upcoming week, because my friend Christina and I have organized an anti-violence protest within our school. We have been working so hard, and I am so happy to see it all coming today! Trust me, so many pictures and videos will be posted this week!! But anyway, last week I mentioned that I got a tattoo… I know, crazy right? But here you have it!! It’s the Capricorn star constellation!! Who else has a tattoo comment below! As always, thanks so much for reading and have a fabulous week!! XO, MK.


3.5.18- You know the drill… homework and a HIIT class. And of course working on donations for my scholastic trip to Chicago!

3.6.18- A little more donation hunting with my partner in crime Christina! We started a Go Fund Me Page, so if anyone has a second to take a look at it or share it with friends, please do!! My team and I are so beyond grateful for this opportunity and any donation puts us one step closer to our goal.

3.7.18- I had the day off from school due to a state of emergency in my area!! I spent the day of course working on some school work and blog brainstorming! Here’s a pic of what it looked like outside of my house, I thought it was so pretty!!


3.9.18- I blogged about my February favorites! If you didn’t have a chance to read it, check it out!

FontCandy (88)

3.10.18- My second day of work at New York and Company! I started to work the register! It’s so much fun helping ladies pick out outfits and shop! Later that night, I went to my girl Rachel’s house!

3.11.18- I attended my sister’s cheer banquet! It was super fun and there was a guest speaker that talked about the power of positivity. The power of girls supporting girls! And after I just ran a few errands to prepare for the upcoming week!

Outfit Details: Top: New York and Company, Jeans: American Eagle, Necklace: Charottle Russe, Booties: Charottle Russe


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