ROMWE Swimsuit Wish List

Swimsuit season is right around the corner babes!! So, you know what that means… a ROMWE swimsuit wish list!! Today I created a list of fun and fabulous swimsuits! But, before you all take a look at the list, I just wanted to take a minute to talk about body confidence and self-love! For all of my high school career, I had very low self-esteem and zero body confidence. I would want to stay home because I thought that I looked fat or ugly in my outfit/ bathing suit. I hated going swimming or to the beach. I always felt like I was never good enough or pretty enough to rock a cute outfit. And in all honesty, sometimes I still feel that way. But this year, I gained confidence. I realized that no size or weight defines one’s beauty. I discovered that with exercise and a balanced diet, the pressure of society slowly lifts from my shoulders. Overtime, I began to feel free. I began to realize my self-worth. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Everyone deserves to be confident and love themselves . So this swimsuit season, I challenge you ALL to be confident. Do not be afraid to show off your bodies. Love yourself. As always, thanks for reading. XO, MK.

Oh and check out this adorable bikini I got at Target the other day!! I am SO obsessed with the print, it’s super fun and tropical!



Collage 2018-03-08 16_29_52


  1. Off The Shoulder Bikini Set- How unique is this swim suit! And the color is so Summery!
  2. Tropical Print Bikini Set- I am so obsessed with this pattern! Tropical is def trending this season.
  3. Contrast Flower Bikini Set- *Add to cart* So sweet!
  4. Animal Print Strappy Back Bikini Set– So different!! Trust me, no one on the beach will have the same bathing suit as you!
  5. Olive Off The Shoulder Bikini Set– Olive green is my favorite color, so why wouldn’t this adorable off the shoulder set be on my wish list?! The pleated pattern bikini also comes in mustard and white!
  6. Palm Tree Print Wrap Self- Tie Bikini Set- I love the way the pastel pink top contrasts with the printed bottoms. A fabulous self- tie swimsuit for only $13.00! Who can beat that?
  7. One Shoulder Bikini Set- Everyone needs a solid black swimsuit… it’s a summer necessity!
  8. Deep V Plunge Swimsuit- So in love with this one piece!
  9. Fruit Print Knot Bikini Set- Sassy, sweet, and adorable!! This super fun swimsuit equals AH-mazing Instagram pics and unlimited compliments! It also comes in a lemon print too!
  10. One Shoulder Cut Out Swimsuit– Check out this sexy and sweet black one piece! My favorite part is the ruffled sleeve!

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