Seven Days One Sec #28

Happy March!!! Spring is right around the corner babes!! Spring fashion. Warm weather. I love running outside, so I am counting down the days until the weather peaks!! But enough about me, how was everyone’s week?! I want everyone to remember that it is the start of a new month, so that means new goals, new aspirations, new dreams. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. But anyway, let’s look at my week! As always thanks so much for reading!! XO, MK.

2.26.18- My scholastic team is attending a national small school tournament in Chicago, so my team members and I spent hours talking to local business owners and prominent community members about funding for our trip! All together we have to raise $6,000. So you can say I have been a little stressed out with all of these on my plate! Below is a picture of my scholastic bowl team from the last competition. 


2.27.18- The weather was super warm, so of course I took advantage of this opportunity and ran a few miles outside! Then , after my workout and made a delicious coffee protein shake! Check out the recipe below!

  • 1/2 cup of ice
  • 1 cup of chilled coffee
  • 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
  • 1/2 cup of almond milk

2.28.18- Another night of seeking donations for my trip, oh and I can’t forget the gym! Because it is a new month, I really want to start kicking up the intensity during my workouts. LOL I am such a gym rat! Oh and I how could I forget!!! Because it was recently my eighteenth birthday, I got a tiny tattoo!!! How insane!! Pics will be posted in next week’s wrap up because it’s still a little red! It’s the constellation for my zodiac sign: Capricorn! 


3.1.18-My first day of training at New York and Company! I watched a lot of training videos and started to learn the tricks of the trade!

3.2.18- An epic snowstorm hit my area, so I had the day off school! Because the roads were a mess, I spent the day working on scholarship and catching up on some Netflix!

3.3.18- It was my girl Alex birthday! So my sis and I delivered balloons and gifts to her front door! Later that night I spent time with my bestie Rachel!


3.4.18- I went to church early in the morning with my fam! Later on, I went for smoothies with my girl Rach!! Strawberry and Pineapple for me!!

Outfit Details: Top: New York and Company, Leggings: Forever21, Booties: Charottle Russe, Necklace: Charottle Russe


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