The Practice. The Ceremony M.A.D

On Sunday, my sis Madison and I attended “The Practice. The Ceremony M.A.D.” It was a morning full of laughter, loud music, dancing, and healing hosted by Dr. Lauren. So, today’s post explains what exactly The Practice. The Ceremony M.A.D is and of course my thoughts on the experience! Thanks so much for reading and I hope you all are having an awesome week! XO, MK. 


So, first off…what is The Practice (From

The Practice Ceremony is a 90-minute communal  ritual designed to help us individually and collectively heal, grow and BE who we truly are, forming a deeper awareness and appreciation for ourselves and others. It feels like a workout for your spirit, combining the sacred arts of music and movement with evidence-based insights and practices of western psychology and eastern philosophy. Shedding the impact of social norms takes much less efforting and much more being— together. The Ceremony invites you to join an active space alive with the power of girls and women coming together to share, dance, chant, shout, learn,  grow and celebrate. The Ceremony results in the insight, clarity, courage, and connection that is critical to meeting your goals and being your most authentic self.

About Dr. Lauren (From

Dr. Lauren Hazzouri is a licensed psychologist and founder of and The Practice, a community of women getting radical with their own being in relentless pursuit of self. Dr. Lauren contributes to a variety of online publications and provides evidence-based insights on the human condition, infused with the power of art, performance, and her signature wit in candid talks to girl’s and women’s organizations across the country and internationally.

Poems From The Practice (By Dr. Lauren) :

  • F*ck Norm: We’re not crazy. We’re human. We’re not the problem. We’re the solution. We’re here together. To heal together. For ourselves. And, for each other.

  • Society is Where We Are, Not Who We Are: I will no longer allow society to put me in my place. My place is the universe. My breath is enough. I not only have value, I am value. My duty is to get here. I am here. Today. Present.

My thoughts and reflection:

So, to sum up The Practice in one word: amazing. Well, maybe two: amazing and eye opening. Dr.Lauren spoke incredibly. Her words emphasized a box motif. Society is a box. A box we all desperately want to fit into. But, as we try to squeeze ourselves into this tiny little, well desperate box, we lose ourselves. We shed off pieces of ourselves, just because we want to be “normal,” just because we want to stop being “uncomfortable.” Newsflash: It’s time for us to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. She also explained the idea of core beliefs. Our core beliefs. Dr. Lauren made us write them down! I am ________. People are __________. And while explaining this idea, she also touched base on how our mind basically processes thoughts. We give our thoughts value. If I tell myself I am stupid, then most likely I am going to think that because I give it value. I’ll support my thought. Oh my gosh I failed that one test in sophomore year, therefore I’m stupid. And as we continue to support this thought it becomes a reality. But it doesn’t have to be. Not only do we have the power to support our thoughts, but we have the power the refute our thoughts. I am not stupid. I got an A on my paper. I am in National Honor Society and so on.



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