Seven Days One Sec #27

Hey babes hey!! Week 27 already! Gosh, how time flies!! Oh and it’s almost March, can you believe it!! In a blink of an eye I’m going to be graduating on stage!! Ahhh. *Wipes away tears* But anyway, my week included applying for college scholarships, well nonstop, so that’s always fun. And on Sunday, my sis and I attended an ah-mazing women’s empowerment seminar at our local cultural center! But enough chit chat, let’s get to it! As always, thank you so much for reading and have an awesome week… you deserve it! XO, MK. 

2.19.18- Gosh, you’re probably tired of hearing this but I went to the gym and caught up on some homework!

2.20.18- Ate some delicious froyo at Sweet Frog… four dollar cup day is def the best day LOL! (My favorite is red velvet!!)


2.21.18- So…. I have some amazing news!! I got a job at New York and Company!! So so so excited because I am obsessed with their clothes!! But anyway, I had to go up to the store and work on some paperwork!!

2.22.18- Working nonstop on college scholarship essays… I know, I know gag.

2.23.18- I attended a meeting with an admissions counselor at a college I am considered. We reviewed things such as financial aid, majors, and the school’s study abroad program. I also started watching a newly released series on Netflix titled Seven Seconds. 


2.24.18-Movie night!! I watched The Conjuring, for the first time ever!! I hardly ever watch scary movies because, well I am the biggest baby in the world!! But I survived!

2.25.18- My sister and I attended The Practice, “a community of women getting radical with their own being in relentless pursuit of self,” at the local cultural center! The founder and speaker was Dr. Lauren. She mainly discussed mood, anxiety, and depression!! We had an amazing time! But, no spoilers… hint, hint guess what Wednesday’s post is about!



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