Law of Attraction: How To Survive A Bad Day

Bad days. They’re a part of life. We oversleep. We forget to turn in homework assignments. And we miss our morning coffee. I know, imagine tackling the world caffeine free… tragic!! However, we have the power to overcome a bad day. Soooo, drum roll please!! Today’s post in the Law of Attraction series is How To Survive a Bad Day!! But, before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s review. The Law of Attraction (LOA) is the belief that like attracts like! Positive thoughts translate into a positive and healthy lifestyle. What you believe you become. Visualization is key. Picture your goals and dreams and make them a reality.

Today I will being sharing with you a positive and healthy morning routine for not only when your day starts off bad, but for every day! I am a firm believer that it is essential to tell ourselves as soon as we wake up that “today is going to be an amazing day” or some form of this affirmation. “Today will be great!” “Today is the day!” These positive thoughts translate into a positive, great, amazing day. If we wake up with the mentally that our day is going to be miserable, well it’s going to be just that. So, below I have listed four tips that help me survive a bad morning. XO, MK.ย 

  1. Breathe in positivity, exhale negativity: If you’re running late, take a second a breathe. Collect your thoughts. Close your eyes. Breathe in positive energy. Exhale negative thoughts.
  2. State one thing you love about yourself and one thing/ person you are grateful for: YES! Even if you are just thankful for your morning coffee. Let yourself hear these positive thoughts. Say it at red light. Say it on your drive to school. It takes two seconds… literally!!
  3. Eat breakfast: I think that this is so, so important. Even if you grab a protein or cereal bar on your way out the door. Fuel your body. If you skip breakfast you are going to feel bloated and fatigued the entire morning!!
  4. Play a song that pumps you up: I know, it sounds a little clichรฉ! But, I promise it works! My current favorite song is For You, by Rita Ora and Liam Payne.


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