10 Ways To Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Your Girls

The day before Valentines day is right around the corner: Galentine’s Day. Gather your girl squad and celebrate each other! Here are 10 fun and fabulous ways to spend the holiday. XO, MK

  1.  Throw a slumber party with your gal pals: Sleeping bags required! Gather your girls for a night of laughs and secret sharing. Play games, eat sweets, and watch romantic movies.
  2. Movie date with your squad: Extra butter please! Spend the night at movies with your bffs.
  3. Get crafty: Gather photos and create an epic college or try out some new DIYs from your Pinterest boards.
  4. Enjoy a super relaxing spa day: Whether it’s mani-pedis or blow outs, take this time to relax and gossip with your girls.
  5. Challenge your girls to a bake off: Cupcakes. Brownies. Spend the night baking sweets and taste testing of course. Pick up some red and pink sprinkles to top off your treats!
  6. Hit the road: Don’t think you have to spend the holiday inside! Hit the road with your squad. Blast the tunes and pack snacks. Whether you’re heading to shopping outlets or a restaurant in the city, you’ll have a blast.
  7. Netflix marathons: Dress code- sweatpants. Pizza a must. Binge watch movies or TV series! This Galentine’s day date idea is a must.
  8. Karaoke party: Make a playlist of your favorite songs, oldies included, and challenge your friends to a sing-off. Whether you play in teams or individually, you’ll spend the night laughing at your squad’s epic attempts to recreate iconic tunes.
  9. Dinner date: Dress up or call it casual. Order a meal at your favorite spot with your babes.
  10. Try something new: Plan a laser tag adventure or book a cooking class. The possibilities are endless!

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