PLL Wish List: Aria Montgomery Edition

Hey babes hey! I have not posted a wish list in forever!! So, today’s post is a wish list inspired by the one and only, Aria Montgomery. On Free Form’s television series, Pretty Little Liars, the role of Aria is played by the fabulous Lucy Hale! And oddly enough, Lucy’s style on and off the screen is quite similar- edgy and feminine. She is the queen of black, monochromatic outfits! But, she can also rock mix and matched prints! No matter what, her outfits always make a statement. I hope everyone enjoys this post and has a fabulous weekend! Comment any ideas for celeb inspired wish lists, these are my fav to make! XO, MK.


  1. Flower Embroidered Faux Leather Moto Jacket: I love the detailing on the elbows. The flower motif is edgy and sassy, yet super feminine. Aria Montgomery 101 
  2. Betsey Johnson Lace Wallet: Betsy Johnson is one of my favorite purse designers. Her pieces are so unique. She mixes patterns and textures, which make her items so different. And this wallet is Aria material. The lace is sassy and sophisticated, but the black background adds edge.
  3. Contrast Bow and Hem Tweed Top: This shirt screams business causal! I would pair this piece with flare jeans and an edgy heel (hint, hint- number 4). My favorite detail is def the black chiffon bottom.
  4. Faux Leather Black Booties: I need these boots ASAP! The design is so simple, yet the studs add such an edge.
  5. Tie Neck Striped Trim Fluttered Sleeve Dress: Love this vintage inspired dress! The ribbon adds a pop of to the black based dress!
  6. Metallic Mini Skirt: How amazing is this skirt! Total Aria Montgomery! I love the combination of pastel holographic colors. Spring is right around the corner, might have to add this to my cart!
  7. Camo Embroidered Mom Jeans: These jeans might be my favorite item on this list! The tapered leg pants are fun and edgy. Need!
  8. Embroidered Denim Floral Dress: A little more feminine, but total Aria. Love the design of this dress! The flowers add a stylish, unique detail!
  9. Zipper Rib Turtleneck: Simple and chic. The circle zipper adds such a retro vibe to this black turtleneck. This would look so cute with an overall dress… hint, hint number 8!
  10. Bedazzled Bow Sneakers: Total Aria and Total Mackenzie Kateri! I need these sparkly shoes! Once again, Betsey Johnson never fails to amaze me!

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