Seven Days One Sec #22

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling (week) 22!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist myself! Hi friends, welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! How was everyone’s weeks? Mine, well it was cold for sure. I had two days off of school because of all the snow! It was so nice to relax and binge watch Scandal, but on the same hand, I felt so unproductive! I couldn’t drive anywhere the roads were a mess! So I tried to catch up on some homework, blogging, and bullet journaling! Oh and some cleaning too! But anyway, let’s get to it! As always thanks so, so much for reading! And conquer your week. Achieve goals. Hit milestones. Strive for success. XO, MK

1.15.18- My birthday! I had the day off of school for MLK day, so I spent the whole day obsessing over my bullet journal! Then, I spent a few hours with my friends. And finally to top the night off, I went out to dinner with my mom, dad, and sister. Currently drooling over this lobster! Oh and I also added this cute pic of a fortune card I received from a fortune telling machine at the restaurant! How cute!


1.16.18-Another day off school! I spent the day obsessing over my new favorite show Scandal!

1.17.18-Yes, another day off school! I worked on my bullet journal a lot! I am so inspired, yet intimidating by all the posts about different layouts and ideas!


1.18.18- Back to school (sad face emoji). Since the road were beginning to clear up, the first place I headed was to the gym!

1.19.18- I spent the night studying for my history test and planning blog posts.

1.20.18- I head out to a 9am Zumba class in the morning. Then, when I got home I begged my sister to go on a photoshoot! We found an abandon warehouse which was perfect! It was so edgy and different! I used these photos in my post about faux fur fashion! Check it out! And I ended the night helping my best friend babysit!

IMG_0608Collage 2018-01-21 22_37_12

1.21.18- I spent the majority of my day cleaning my room! Sifting and sorting through old clothes. Later on, I wrote a short story for my creative writing class.


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