Faux Fur Fashion

As the temperatures outside only continue to drop, fashion lovers everywhere are diagnosed with a chronic case of winter time blues. Shoppers await days of spring fashion. Days of pastel colors, floral prints, and open-toed shoes. So to beat the blues this season, treat yourself to some killer outerwear. The truth is that almost all of your winter looks depend on your jacket. A coat make or breaks your outfit; All your efforts are in vain if your coat is lackluster. To stay trendy (and warm) this winter, buy yourself some faux fur.

In today’s post I have compiled a small list of chic faux fur vests and jackets that are essential to any winter look book. I have also included some pictures from a photoshoot with my sister, modeling my new faux fur bomber! I had a lot of fun snapping pics of my sis this weekend, she barely complained about the frigid temperatures. And somehow she talked me into buying her Starbucks after! In the photos she is modeling an olive green tee (ZARA), black ripped jeans (American Eagle), black booties (Payless), and metal frame shades (Charottle Russe). I love how this outfit came together, but this faux fur jacket would also pair amazing with a black/white turtleneck and over the knee boots. So check it out! Comment your thoughts below babes! As always thanks so much for reading and have a fabulous week! Mwahhhhh! XO, MK. 






  1. Black Coat: A black faux fur coat is essential to every winter look book. Pair it with any outfit and you instantly look runway ready. Ah, the power of fashion.
  2. Grey Ruffled Coat: I love the texture of this coat. And the color! This dark grey shows a mild hue of navy. This unique fur is perfect street style.
  3. Beige Ruffled Coat: Something a little more casual. Perfect for a day or night time look. No matter the location, you’ll arrive with an effervescent attitude.
  4. Leopard Print Coat: Sassy and chic. Intimidating and sexy. This faux fur will land you on the cover of Vogue.
  5. Grey and White Paneled Coat: This pelt fur effect coat is defianetly my favorite. It is so simple, yet makes such a statement.  Whether you pair this coat with an edgy outfit or a casual daytime look, all eyes will be on you.




  1. Ooh I am loving faux fur this Autumn/Winter season😁 My fave has to be number three – classic but chic❤️ Lovely blog you have here
    ~Raff XX

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