Small Birthday Haul

Hi friends!! How is everyone’s week so far? My week in one word- cold. It has been snowing nonstop!! I haven’t had school since last Friday, because my district closed on both Tuesday and Wednesday! Not going to lie though, it was pretty relaxing to sip coffee and binge watch my latest obsession on Netflix – Scandal! Who has watched it before? Olivia Pope, the main character, is my inspiration. Her style is so elegant, yet bold. And he personality is well just the same! But anyway back to today’s post, in my Seven Days One Sec Week 21 weekly wrap up, I mentioned that Monday was my birthday. I also promised to share some of my gifts with you! I’m really excited to show you some of these items. So let’s get to it! As always thank you so much for reading. XO, MK. 

Bullet Journal Set and Stationary: The journaling set is from Target. Unfortunately, I ripped it open and started to work on my journal before I took a picture. But, it came with stickers, decorative tape, patterned papers, and a blank journal of course. Then, I got this cute metal pastel pink tape dispenser. Oh and how could I forget the pack of metal ballpoint pens (shown in picture with dream journal).


Cup of Gratitude: How adorable is this mug! It is the perfect size for all my pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers! I love the pattern along the top.


Dream Journal: Check out how cool this is! The pages of this dream diary are dedicated to writing down and interpreting my dreams! Like I said… how cool!!?!



Stila Glitter Lip Topcoat: As you all know, I am a total glitter fanatic. This lip gloss is perfect for me. It is great for layering on top of matte lipsticks or wearing alone with “no-makeup” looks. (Hint, hint- this item might be on my January favorites list)


Adidas Tubular Shadow Shoes (Black and Silver): I am in love with these sneakers! I am always at the gym, so it was time for a new pair of sneakers! I love the way the silver adds sparkle to the sneakers. I usually wear Nike, but these are so comfy too!


Workout Clothing: I am usually at the gym everyday after school and weekend mornings, so it was about time I started to add to my gym attire. I just got a few sports bras and super cute tees from Forever21. Where do you guys buy your workout clothing, comment below! I am always looking for new and fun articles of clothes. (This pics are from the web because I already wore my new clothes to the gym and threw them in the washer!!)

Collage 2018-01-17 15_51_06





3 thoughts on “Small Birthday Haul

  1. Happy happy happy belated birthday💕 Love those workout clothes and sneakers – super cute! The mug is adorable, perfect for tea and coffee this time of year🌻
    ~Raff xxx

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