Seven Days One Sec #20

Wow! Week 20!! I can’t believe how fast the weeks are passing by. I went back to school on Tuesday, and that was little rough. It was hard getting back in the swing of things, and this cold, ugh it just makes everything worse. It makes getting out of bed in the morning a challenge! I just wanted to stay wrapped up in my warm blankets! I know, I know stop complaining! But anyway, the rest of my week was pretty relaxed, I mostly worked on blog post ideas and other various assignments for school. And on a side note- MY BIRTHDAY’S IN A WEEK! I’m so, so excited because I am turning 18!! It’s bittersweet though, I’m going to be an adult! How weird is that!! Adulting? Ew. Yeah, I’m probably being a little dramatic, I’m still in high school! Oh gosh, enough rambling… let’s get to it! I hope everyone has an amazing week! And I pray you all stay warm! Remember babes sometimes warmth comes before fashion… I emphasize the sometimes! LOL. As always thanks for reading- and T-MINUS one week until my birthday. XO, MK.

1.1.18- I went to my Grandma’s house for a New Year’s Day dinner with my fam.


1.2.18- Back in the swing on things at school after my holiday break! And yeah… it was a little rough adjusting back to my schedule. I headed to the gym after school for an intense workout to help me reach my goals.

1.3.18-I posted on the blog! Did you have a chance to read five double duty makeup trick? Click here


1.4.18-I worked on some schoolwork! I planned some upcoming blog posts and edited my ABOUT ME page, head over to check it out!! New pictures are soon to come. 

1.5.18- Because of below zero temperatures, my school district was closed for the day!! It was a little unexpected, but trust me, I was not complaining. I lounged around the house for most of the daily, partially because it was FREEZING outside, and well I was also exhausted from my school week! Dreaming about caffeine, I made my coffee into a winter snack! Add whip cream and cinnamon on top, it tastes amazing! My favorite health/ lifestyle vlogger, Sam Ozkural (check her out!!) loves this treat, so I decided to give it a try! Later that night (still freezing outside), my best friend and I went to First Friday- a local celebration of the arts.


1.6.18- My sister and I went to the mall for a little bit! I had some returns and wanted some new desk supplies. I scored this adorable faux fur bomber jacket at Forever21 (the store was having amazing deals!). Then despite cold weather, my sis and I went to Panera Bread for some smoothies! My favorite is the Peach and blueberry almond milk drink.


1.7.18- I celebrated Russian Orthodox Christmas with my family. After mass at church, we headed to my grandmother’s house for a Christmas dinner.

Outfit Details: Turtleneck: Forever21, Skirt: Forever21, Tights: Forever21, Boots: Charottle Russe, Poncho: Francesca's


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