2018 Trends You Need To Rock

Hello my loves!! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! I hope everyone had a fabulous week! And I hope you all stayed warm! Today’s post tells the upcoming trends of 2018- inspired by fashion week and stylish celebs! With every year, comes new trends. New styles rocking down the runway and some looks of the past making a vivid comeback. Don’t be caught wearing last season’s styles. Add these essentials to closet ASAP. Get scrolling. Get shopping. As always, thanks so much for reading and have an fun weekend! XO, MK.


Say no more. This is my favorite upcoming trend. Sequins are sassy, sparkly, and make a statement. Check out this dazzling cutout mini dress and sequin, striped skirt.

Collage 2018-01-04 22_03_12


Lavender. Blush. Baby blue. Add these trending colors to your wardrobe this season. Shop this light pink halter top dress and lilac suede heels!

Collage 2018-01-04 22_12_28


Say what? Plastic? Yes. You heard me right. As weird as it sounds, plastic is trending. But, I’m totally digging it! I actually just bought a pair of clear, plastic boots from Forever21. They are so unique! And they add a rocking edge to any outfit. Add these clear chunky heels to your cart ASAP!

Collage 2018-01-04 22_14_29


Ah fringe. The trend that never dies. Whether your style is boho or punk rock, fringe is an essential. Check out this fabulous black jacket and grey fringe sweatshirt.

Collage 2018-01-04 22_17_41

Sock It

I’m actually in love with this look! The white embellished socks below look so chic with those red pumps. I would def pair them with cropped boyfriend jeans or a corduroy button down skirt. And check out those sheer black socks! Pair them with black or metallic heels and you’re runway ready.

Collage 2018-01-04 22_21_49

Buckle Shoes

This trend definitely gives me western vibes. A mix of gladiator sandals and cowboy boots.  Check out these rad Steve Madden leather heels and black buckle wedges!



Collage 2018-01-04 22_30_47



Oversized Jewelry

Yes! Give me it all! Brooches. Chunky necklaces. Neo pearls. Dangling earrings. They dress up any outfit. They make a statement. And they give off vintage Chanel vibes. I know that I am going to be searching the Salvation Army and flea markets for shining, oversized jewels.

Collage 2018-01-04 22_38_36


This checkered pattern is taking the fashion world by storm. Modeling are strutting gingham and fun textures down the runway. Incorporate these stripes into your 2018 wardrobe. Check out these navy and red jumpsuit!


Collage 2018-01-04 22_47_23

Net Bags

I have been seeing these French-It Girl bags on magazine pages and the runway a lot lately! I think they’re super cool and chic. They’re perfect for the beach or caring necessities. Oh and the best part. On Amazon, they’re ONLY seven dollars!!



Photos from Pinterest and retail stores

11 thoughts on “2018 Trends You Need To Rock

  1. Hi MacKenzie. I have to agree so much on the trends, especially the net bags. I even made a whole post dedicated to it if you are interested in reading. By the way did you create your own blog banner? I love it so much. 😍😍

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