5 Double Duty Makeup Tricks

Hello again and welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri! Happy Wednesday! Yesterday was my first day back at school following Christmas vacation. And well, I’m not going to lie it was pretty rough. No it wasn’t bad. In fact, I was happy to back in the swing of things, but it was difficult adjusting back to my school schedule after a week off! Yes I drank a few extra coffees, and yes I was practically dragging my feet at the gym, but by today everything was back to normal! I am determined to accomplish my goals, so everyday I have to push myself. In fact, I kicked up the cardio in my gym routine and made a fresh batch of detox water! Oh and I even set my alarm a bit earlier! But anyway, today’s post is short, sweet, and simple! Five double duty makeup tricks inspired by my new read, “The Little Book of Life Hacks: How to Make Your Life Happier, Healthier, and More Beautiful” by Yumi Sakugawa. I got this book for Christmas from one of my favorite humans! Shoutout to Amanda, you rock babe!! (The book is shown in the featured photo, check it out! I totally recommend 10/10!!) My post describes five makeup products that have multi-purposes! Super savvy, smart, and stylish! And who doesn’t love trying out new makeup tricks? As always, thank you so much for reading and just remember it’s almost Friday!! XO, MK

  1. Eyeshadow as highlighter
  2. Cream blush as lip gloss
  3. Lipstick as blush: Try to use lighter shades such as peach or light pink!
  4. Concealer as eyeshadow primer: Rub a tiny smidge on your eyelids to secure your eyeshadow.
  5. Bronzer as eyeshadow

5 thoughts on “5 Double Duty Makeup Tricks

  1. I love this! On my no makeup/make up days, I use bronzer in my crease and highlighter either on my lid, or brow bone (depending on the day lol). I don’t think I’ll ever buy eye shadow primer since I always blend out my concealer and foundation on my eye lids 😛

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