Law of Attraction: 2017-2018 Goals and Reflection + How To Achieve Your Goals

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri!! New Years Eve is in T-MINUS two days! How crazy is that!? In today’s post I wanted to share with you my goals for the new year and a little reflection of 2017. I will also being adding some tips and tricks to help you achieve your goals, because remember everything and anything is possible if you set your mind to it!! So like always, I like to define the Law of Attraction (LOA) before diving in! So what is it? The LOA is the belief that like attracts like! Positive thoughts translate into a positive and healthy lifestyle. What you believe you become. Visualization is key. Picture your goals and dreams and make them a reality. But anyway, let’s get to it!! As always, thanks for reading! XO, MK

2017 Reflection:

Wow what a year. What a crazy year. If I had to relive the year 2017, I wouldn’t. Not a chance. But, am I grateful for the year 2017? Yes. Beyond grateful. I both lost and found myself. And sure that sounds unreal, but I did. In school, I took a lot of AP classes. Although, I felt like I could handle it, the stress of the workload really affected me. I would stay up until 3am sometimes trying to finish writing papers after my basketball games. But, it made me stronger; all those AP biology outlines I spent endless hours completed strengthen my work ethics and character. All those short essays and Henry David Thoreau readings that I spent my nights obsessing about, in a way made me more stable. I lost friends and I lost myself. I don’t know how to describe it, I mean does anyone really know how to describe the time period in which they lost themselves? I just knew that I wasn’t being true to myself; I knew that gradually each day I was becoming a person that I did not want to be. I had no self-confidence, self-love, or happiness. And if I am being completely honest, I think somewhere along the way I just gave up. I lost hope so I began to binge eat junk food, neglect the gym, and sometimes even neglect my responsibilities.  Oh and I should probably add that I dyed my hair blonde as an effort to change myself. Yeah, not the best idea. But, around June, I snapped out of it. I knew that I couldn’t self-sabotage myself. I started eating healthier again, going to the gym on the daily, and surrounding myself with positive people. So, as 2018 approaches I am healthier, happier, and almost twenty pounds lighter. 2017 I thank you. Thank you for helping me find myself. Thank you for helping me find my best friend. Thank you for helping me get my life back on track.

2018 Goals:

  1. Get in the best shape of my life
  2. Wake up earlier
  3. Finalize a major and minor


Tips for Achieving Your Goals:

  1. Accept failure- Yes! I said it. There are days you are going to cheat on your diet or days you are going to give up. I want to wake up earlier. I want to practice cardio in the morning. But, some days I am going to sleep until 12pm. Trust the process.
  2. Review your goals once a week- Say them in the morning or before you go to bed! Treat them like affirmations.
  3. Make a list/ vision board and hang it somewhere you see it daily- I always write my goals on the side of my planner!! And when you complete your goal, cross it off the list!!

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