December Favorites

Hi my loves!! Today’s post is a little different; I noticed it’s a popular blogger thing to post favorite products of the month… so here I am guilty of jumping on this bandwagon! But, I really think it’s a great idea because there are so many underrated products out there just because they cheap or a generic brand. I love reading posts about drug store products that get the same job done as Sephora products.. sometimes they even work better!! So, today I am sharing with you five products that I swear by! As always, thanks so much for reading!! And have an amazing week babes! XO, MK

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner

I love these products! About a year ago I dyed my hair blonde(ish) and ever since I have been trying to get my hair back to my roots!! Oh and trust me this has been such a process. I started using this shampoo and conditioner a couple weeks ago and everyone tells me that hair looks so much darker!! All my bronze haired girls you need to use this product ASAP!!

EOS Chapstick

I use those EOS ball chapsticks a lot, but if I am being completely honest my purse is a black hole, so I sort of lost all of them (no judging). I just recently picked this up at the drug store because my lips were so cracked, and it works great!!


Urban Decay Naked Foundation

This foundation is to die for!! I’ve used so many foundations over the years, but my life is complete with the Urban Decay Naked foundation. It is weightless. It isn’t orange like some foundations I’ve tried. And it photographs flawless. My skin doesn’t break out from this product, in fact after I use this my face feels healthier. It’s a miracle worker, my skin looks like porcelain. I can talk about this foundation for days!! 10/10



Batiste Fresh & Festive Wonderland Dry Shampoo

So if I’m being honest, I’ve never really been into dry shampoo until a couple months ago. But my friends talked me into it, and now I’m addicted! This scent is def my favorite!!


Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Magic Lotion

This lotion smells amazing!! It has such a sweet smell, but it isn’t nauseating. My favorite scent from BBW use to be twisted peppermint, but it is discontinued (so heartbroken!!). But, this scent is a close second.

UPDATE: I just bought about five bottles of Twisted Peppermint at the semi-annual sale, so if you love that scent too, run to your local BBW.



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