Ten Things I Love About Christmas

‘Twas four days until Christmas, when all on the blog- Christmas cheer, festive fashion, goals for the new year. The newsfeed was filled with sparkling, holiday posts. Party outfit ideas and Christmas eve toasts. Followers were nestled all snug in their beds. While visions of errands danced in their heads. Sipping their coffees. Scrolling through posts. Relaxing and reading a list of what I love the most.

  1. Christmas Lights: Light displays, drive through Christmas houses, or light villages- you name it! The twinkling lights are magical during the wintertime.
  2. Peppermint Flavoring: Candy cane addict! And peppermint mocha coffee creamer from December to February!
  3. Red Lipstick: A must have for every holiday outfit!
  4. Time With Family: That’s a given! Making memories and laughing is what matters the most.
  5. Wrapping Presents: As weird as it sounds, yes! I love wrapping gifts!
  6. Christmas Shopping: Shopping for myself, well yes I love that, but I actually love shopping for others. I enjoy searching for things that I know they will love and cherish.
  7. Winter Scented Candles: YES! Pine, peppermint, sugar cookie- hand them over!
  8. Christmas Cookies: Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth.. especially for sugar cookies and gingerbread!?
  9. Christmas Movies: Free Form’s twenty five days of Christmas movie marathon is my life!!
  10. Secret Santa Exchanges: So much fun! Hand and hand with number six!!!



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