Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

‘Twas three days until Christmas and panic sunk in. Late gift ideas as the countdown begins- last minute shoppers search for a win. Standing in lines. Filling shopping carts; searching for presents that come from the heart. Only seventy two hours to find perfect gifts. Sit back, relax and read this last minute list.

  1. Bath Bomb- Perfect for any girl! Even add face masks and lip glosses to make a beauty basket for your friends and family!
  2. Candle- Easy and simple. A go-to gift!
  3. Blanket Scarf- An gorgeous gift for any fashionista or girl on the go.
  4. Amazon Prime Subscription- A gift for the Amazon lover and online shopper!
  5. Picture Frames with Photos- Simple, yet personal. Develop photos and grab some cute frames! Or add a twist, cover a memo board with photos, memories, and other significant papers!
  6. Day Planner- The new year is just around the corner, grab a 2018 planner as a gift for your gals!
  7. Ispy Subscription- Perfect for the beauty lover in your life! And better yet you can buy it from the comfort of your own bed!
  8. Spa or Nail Salon Gift Card- After the holidays, who doesn’t need a little get away or relaxation day?
  9. DIY Gifts- Homemade hot chocolate mason jars, cookies, calendars, or a poem written by you! It’s the thought that counts      19c256302b248749582b1504fca49d23
  10. Coffee Mugs- Who can ever have enough coffee mugs! Pair it with a Starbucks gift card or k-cups! Any coffee lover will be grateful for this token of love.





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