Rachel Green Outfit Recreations

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! I hope everyone had a fun filled fabulous week!! Eight days until Christmas, how weird is that?! I can’t wait! Today’s post is something really different! Drum rollllll pleaseeeee…… Rachel Green outfit recreations with a little twist! Rachel Green is one of the six main characters on the sitcom Friends. On the show, Rachel is a runaway bride who settles in the city; she endlessly loves fashion and for her friends as well. Rachel’s fun and free-spirited personality reflects her style- laid back and ’90s inspired. Today I have three looks that mimic Rachel’s most notorious outfits. However, I added a little edge and sass to the outfits! I had a lot of fun with today’s post and everything I used was already in my closet!! But anyway, let’s get to it! Thanks so much for reading!! And never be afraid to embrace your inner Rachel Green. XO, MK

Shorts, Tights, and a Long Sleeve Tee

I love this casual, yet fun look. The tights and shorts combo is my favorite part; I think that its a really cute and feminine trend… def going to work it into my wardrobe more! But, I was also drawn to this look because I am a total graphic tee fanatic! 

Outfit Details: Shirt: Forever21, Shorts: JC Penny, Booties: Charlotte Russe, Tights: Forever21

rachel green 2

Plaid Skirt, Crop Turtleneck, and Knee Highs

Love this look!! It’s great for the holidays too. I actually wear this plaid skirt a lot, so I was so excited when I saw Rachel rocking a similar look! I think that knee highs are a trend of the past, but I love how they look with this outfit!

Outfit Details: Turtleneck: Forever21, Skirt: Aero, Socks: Aero, Boots: Charlotte Russe

rachel green 1

Printed Leggings, White Kicks, Graphic Tee, and a Cozy Sweater

This outfit is so fun and sassy! I wish I had a pair of red printed leggings like Rachel, but the black and white ones modeled in the photos below will do! I always love mixing textures and patterns, so this look is totally me!

Outfit Details: Sweater: TJ Maxx, Shirt: Old Navy, Leggings: Charlotte Russe, Sneakers: Ralph Lauren

rachel green 3XO, MK

Photos from Pinterest

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