My Favorite Lip Products

Hi guys! Happy Sunday! Today I am going to show you my five favorite lip products. I am a total lipstick and lip gloss fanatic! Pros of this addiction include on point selfies, a poppin’ lip color all the time, and a shade to match any and every outfit. Cons well jeez, my purse is like a lost and found full of tubes and lipsticks, I stain everything I sip or chew, and the fact stands that I have basically sold my soul to Sephora and MAC!! But anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this post and I also hope that it inspires you to try some of my favorite lippies! As always, thank you so much for reading, and keep an eye out for this week’s Seven Days One Sec. XO, MK

Lolita by Kat Von D

I wear this liquid lipstick almost everyday to school. This dusty rose shade is my go-to color. I usually add a clear gloss on top for a flirty day time look.


Love Bite by Kylie Cosmetics

This shade reminds me of Lolita, but it a little darker. The color is a dark nude with a mix of purple. I wear this lippie for nighttime looks or special events! I know that there are a lot of mixed reviews about the Kylie lipsticks, but I really like this lipstick!! It has such a sweet smell!



Love this gloss!! This peachy color is perfect. Just like Lolita, I wear this gloss to school a lot. Great to pair with a natural look!


Hades Fire by MAC

I just bought this a few week ago, but I am totally obsessed! This cool, metallic plum shade is sparkly and sassy. The texture defines lip shape and stays on all day.


Fresh Moroccan by MAC

This might be my favorite lipstick out of all five of the products! This frosted soft brown color with hints of red is a must have. It transforms any day-time makeup into a glamorous color packed look. I use this so much that my tube is completely empty so i snagged a picture from online!

7b9b4a5375dde7fad7225c4cc43b5f03XO, MK


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