Meet Mia: An Aspiring MUA

Hi babes!! Today’s post is something really different and something that I am super excited for!! Drum roll pleaseeee!!! An interview with Mia Connell an aspiring MUA. Mia has taken her love for makeup to the next level. She has started her own Instagram to network herself and show off her makeup masterpieces. Click here to view her magical, and simply breath taking feed! And don’t forget to give her a follow!!! In this post, Mia shares her favorite beauty products, moisturizing routine, go-to look, and insight about her passion. Her wise words also shed light on the power of makeup and self-expression. I hope you enjoy today’s post and try out some of Mia’s favorite products (I know that I am adding those Lush products to my cart right now!). As always thanks for reading! XO, MK

Q: Name three of your favorite beauty products and tell why.

A: First of all, my favorite beauty product right now is the Superhero mascara by It! I’ve been using this mascara for two years now and it hasn’t failed me! I feel like I’m wearing falsies with this stuff on, it makes such a difference. Next is the Pro Filt’r Fenty foundation by Rihanna. I’ve had a really hard time finding the perfect foundation for my skin type, which is oily. I wanted a full coverage foundation that didn’t feel like it was caked on my face, so this is perfect for me! It’s awesome because it comes in forty different shades, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect shade for your skin. The whole Rihanna line is amazing, I would recommend it to anyone! My final favorite beauty product is the Aurora Glow Kit by Anastasia. I truly have a highlighter obsession. I’m usually never picky when it comes to highlighters, because I can’t get enough of them. I’m always up to trying new shades, but there’s something about this palette that makes me fall in love. It includes hues of blue, gold, and white, which is perfect for winter!

products collage

Q: Tell me about your moisturizing routine or just a skin routine you practice weekly.

A: Usually at the end of a long day, I like to shower then immediately use a charcoal or peel off face mask; my favorite ones are by Lush- Cup O’ Coffee and Mask of Magnaminty are my favorites! After I rinse off my mask, I use moisture surge moisturizer by Clinique. This stuff is amazing! I wake up feeling like I have brand new skin and the great thing about this is that it’s great for all skin types!

lush collage

Q: What’s your daily makeup routine or go-to look?

A: My daily makeup routine usually includes a smoldering Smokey eye. I use my Smoky palette by Urban Decay almost everyday (I definitely need a new one!). I always have a full face of makeup on just because I genuinely enjoy doing it and I’d feel naked without it! If I’m going for a “no makeup” look I’ll just use a foundation, pressed powder, and mascara. 

smoky UD

Q: What do you love about makeup? Tell me about yourself: What inspired you to pursue a career in this field? What are your future plans/ dreams in the industry?

A: In my opinion, makeup is a work of art. I hate hearing people talk about how some girls wear way too much makeup. It’s what they love to do! I know that for me personally, I found a passion out of just doing my own makeup and constantly trying different looks. Everyone expresses themselves differently and your face is literally a blank canvas that you can create amazing works of art on. I’ve always loved makeup and the thought of being able to create so many different looks, but I never imagined pursuing a career out of it until last year. I had went to a college that I completely hated and really began to stress out over it. I finished my freshman year, and knew that it just wasn’t for me. I spoke to my parents about the troubles that I was going through, and they suggested that I take some time off of school to really think about what I wanted to do…and that’s exactly what I did. This summer, I was given the opportunity to do a family friend’s makeup for their wedding party! I was so excited that I decided to promote myself through social media! I created my own Instagram account advertising to people what my talents were. With this time off, I found myself. I found out that I am going back to school next semester. Although I am not attending a school for makeup, I eventually plan to attend a five week intensive program in New York City! Until then, I’m just trying to get my name out there and make clients happy!!  


Here is another link to Mia's Instagram account, check it out!! 



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