Black Friday Survival Guide

T-MINUS four days until the biggest, the baddest, the day shopaholics call the survival of the fittest- Black Friday. As a fashionista and lover of shopping, of course Black Friday is one of my favorite days of the year! ‘Tis the season for sweet deals and filled shopping carts. This year I am mainly looking for dorm stuff, but if I happen to see any gifts for my friends and family I might have to add it to my cart (as long as I stay on budget: see tip 2). So friends, I present you with tips and tricks of how to be a Black Friday Warrior. And if you keep scrolling, I shared top secret Black Friday ads to some of my favorite stores! Oh and I would love for everyone to share their Black Friday finds with me!! As always, thank yo so, so much for reading and get reading babes! Have an amazing week and I hope you get ah-mazing deals this Friday. XO,MK

  1. Have a List- This is crucial! Make a list to avoid distractions! So, grab a pen and paper and get writing!! And remember Black Friday is a day for big ticket items, coffee mugs, lip glosses, and picture frames will always be the same price!
  2. Set a Budget- This is just as important as tip number one! Set a budget. This avoids overspending and will help you hunt down the best deals. And even take it one set further, set individual budgets for friends and family members you are shopping for: mom- fifty dollars, best friend- fifty dollars, co-workers- ten dollars each!
  3. Bring a Friend- Grab your bestie and hit the stores! This gives you someone to chat with while waiting in lines, an extra eye to snag hidden deals, and extra arms to carry your goods.
  4. Pack Snacks– This is a given ladies!! Waiting in lines at all hours of the night can get tiring so pack some coffee of course and some snacks!
  5. Polished Purse- Clean out your purse and wallet the night before! You don’t want to be stuck at the register rummaging for your credit card, but pulling out an old gum wrapper (we’ve all done it before). And of course make sure you have all your coupons and cash organizing upon entering the store.

And now, drum roll please!! A sneak peak to Black Friday Ads!! Below I linked top secret sales to the coordinating store. Check it out!! Happy planning and happy shopping babes!










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