Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

Hey friends!! How was everyone’s Monday?? Mine seemed to fly by, but I’m not complaining!! Oh and I finished Stranger Things season two. One word- AMAZING!! Two more- STEVE HARRINGTON!! I cannot wait until season three!! Now as I promised, here’s some Thanksgiving outfit inspo!! The clothing in the collages below are all from Shein (my new obsession)!!! I hope you all enjoy this small style lab and find some Thanksgiving outfit inspiration!! As always, thanks for reading!! XO, MK

Dine N’ Dash

This casual and cute outfit is great for Thanksgiving! The detailed heels add both a pop of color and unique touch to the simple attire. And let’s talk about these jeans-10/10! Total vintage vibes. Change into a pair of kicks and you’re ready to be a (fashionable) Black Friday Warrior.

outfit 1


This denim flower embroidered dress is not a want, but a NEED!! The dress is both simple and elegant, great for a family gathering. Oh and these boots- I am beyond obsessed. Head to Shein and add these items to your cart ASAP!

outfit 2

Grateful, Thankful, and Green

This look is defianetly my favorite! I mean who doesn’t love a sweater that is cozy, comfy, and fashionable!! Pair the turtleneck sweater with the olive green skirt for a simple, yet elegant look. This outfit will stand out in any family photoshoot.

outfit 3

Featured photo from Pinterest



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