Seven Days One Sec #12

Hey everyone, welcome back to Mackenzie Kateri!! Did everyone have a haunting Halloween!!? Before I start chatting about my week, I have some exciting news!! Mackenzie Kateri officially has 100 followers!!! I AM SO EXCITED!! And that itself may be an understatement. I am trying to brainstorm something special to post this week as a celebration! Any ideas??! Thanks so much for all your love and support friends! I am so grateful for all of you who take five or ten minutes out of your day to glance at my writings!! But anyway, this week I ventured out into Philadelphia to visit West Chester and tackled a lot of homework! And boy, I felt like I needed a pot of coffee just to get out of bed every morning!!! So this week I am determined to start every morning with positive energy!! Everyone make sure you turn back your clocks… I struggled FOREVER trying to reset my clock in my car!! I finally got it figured out after twenty minutes LOL!! I hope everyone has a fabulous week and adjusts to this bitter cold sweater weather!! XO, MK

10.30.17- Pumpkin carving with the fam!!

10.31.17- Happy Halloween!! Well, more like happy Early Action Day for all high school seniors!! Finished one last college application, then helped my mom hand out candy bags to trick-or-treaters!

11.1.17- Visited West Chester University in Philadelphia!


11.2.17-Homework, blogging, and coffee sippin’

11.3.17-Went to First Friday in Scranton, which is a day dedicated to a variety of cultural events around town in restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and more!! My bff and I went to Adezzo, AOS Metals, and AV Restaurant. Then, we went to a high school football game and Sheetz!!

11.4.17-9am Zumba class and running errands! And of course lunchin’ with my bff!

11.5.17-Spent my day lounging around the house writing my paper for English class and watching The Blacklist!! I also made homemade granola bars with my mom!! 10/10 and super easy to make!!


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