Wait..what? A lazy day, productive?? Yes! You heard right. You can make a lazy day productive alright. Check out these cool tips and tricks of how you can instantly make your lazy day productive! And remember babes a lazy day is needed once and awhile! It is essential to keep balance- balance in our crazy and chaotic and hectic everyday lives. So, I hope everyone had an amazing Monday! As always thank you so very, very much for reading!! Conquer your week and look forward to your upcoming lazy day! With much love, MK

  1. Delete Delete Delete – Phone to face and delete. I always dread that “out of storage” notification. So, if you’re just going to be laying in bed for the day or binge watching Netflix (Stranger Things and The Blacklist for me!!) take some time to old apps, photos, and emails.
  2. Get Organized- Take some time to sort through old clothes! Or glance at the hanger in your closet to see if there is anything you haven’t worn in a couple months. I know for me, on my lazy days I always clean out my school folders and binder- this small task makes me week to come less stressful and more organized.
  3. Change Your Sheets- If you’re going to be laying in bed all day, why not take some time to change the sheets!!?? Quick and easy. This takes less than five minutes and will leave you feeling refreshed and quite productive.
  4. Make a Playlist- Whenever I get to the gym, I instantly regret not having a playlist with my favorite songs! Though this task is something super easy, I always blow it off!! Lay in bed, relax, and make a new playlist- even play some jams! My favorite song at the moment is Good Old Days by Kesha and Macklemore- give it a listen!!
  5. Brekkie Beast Mode- Oh yes. I said it!! Prepare an awesome breakfast! Let’s face it, during the week we don’t have time in the morning to whip up eggs, or bacon, or ham, or French toast! Forget cereal, make yourself a five star breakfast in bed. Don’t forget the coffee!! Btw I found this peppermint mocha almond milk coffee creamer at the supermarket yesterday and I am in love! Might jus be drinking two or three extra cups of coffee a day!


Lazy Day Vibes featuring Sophie

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