Seven Days One Sec #11

Week eleven. The week of my last Riverside football game. I asked the man working the ticket counter if I could keep the ticket stub… he looked at me like I had six heads!! The week of endless college applications and scholarship essays. So in other words, the week of tears not only from sadness, but stress as well!! But the weekend could of not come any sooner- I lounged around the house, relaxing and watching Netflix! On a side note I am totally obsessed with The Blacklist. You need to watch it now!!! On an even bigger side note, who watched Stranger Things??! Season two was released on Friday and I only watched a few episodes so far- one word- AMAZING!!! Enough about Netflix already, let’s look at my week. Most of my college applications are finished, so don’t worry, next week will be a change in tempo (hopefully)!! And as always, thank you so much for reading and conquer your week!! With love, MK

10.23.17- College. College. College. Did I mention I was applying to college? But I had some company- a pot of coffee.

10.24.17-Dragged my mom to Tuesday night Zumba!

10.25.17- Went to half off Wednesday at the Salvation Army searching for a pair of jeans to upcycle!

10.26.17-I bet you thought I was going to say Thursday night pregame fire! It was canceled this week! So, I just went out with my friends! Defiantly not the same, but happy I spent my night with people I love!




10.28.17- Lunchin’ with my bff

10.29.17- Ran errands and finished homework assignment. And of course blogged!

Since this Friday was my last football game, here are some of my favorite photos from the football season!!

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