How To Be a Unicorn

Do you have unicorn fever? Symptoms: watching unicorn makeup tutorials on YouTube, sipping the famous, yet limited Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks, using the unicorn Snapchat filter (at least three times day), buying unicorn apparel, drooling over majestic unicorn inspired beauty products, posting Instagram pictures lounging on unicorn pool floats, and the list goes on. If you are guilty of any of these fabulous crimes, you have unicorn fever! We are officially living in the very peak of the unicorn trend- a trend that evolved from Lisa Frank school supplies and My Little Pony. So why not just be a unicorn? Well, dress like one at least. Today’s post, drum roll please! Unicorn inspired outfits! Magical clothing and accessories that sparkle and shine for any occasion. I hope you enjoy today’s post and remember to be a unicorn in a field of horses! Thanks for reading babes. XO, MK.

Sweet Sparkles

For the unicorn lover who embraces her sweet side. These Keds might not be a magic slipper, but they defiantly add magic to any outfit. My favorite is the unicorn dangle earrings.

Outfit Details: Top, Skirt, Earrings, Purse, Shoe 

uni 2

Rose Gold Glitter

For the unicorn lover who loves sequins and millennial pink. Pair this rose gold V-neck style shirt and mermaid coin choker with the sassy, feminine Capri pants. This outfit will turn heads and leave your admirers in awe (and maybe a little blind from your shine).

Outfit Details: Choker, Purse, Pants, Shoe, Top

unicorn 1

Dare Dreamer

For the unicorn lover who dares to dream. This over gold outfit is perfect for a girl’s night out. The dark burgundy pants make a statement. And the chiffon blouse is sassy, yet elegant.

Outfit Details: Earrings, Shoe, Pants, Clutch, Top

uni 3

Metallic Magic

For the unicorn lover who wants to make a statement. This metallic, magical outfit is party perfect. These shiny booties were made for walking and it just so happens they are in your size. Be bold and daring.

Outfit Details: Shoe, Top, Jeans, Bag 


Galaxy Girl

For the unicorn lover with edge. This long sleeve dazzling dress is runway ready. Pair it with over the knee boots for attitude. Going to a Halloween party? No problem. Pick up a unicorn accessory kit pictured below from Charottle Russe.

Outfit Details: Bag, Dress, Boots, Unicorn Accessories



Featured photos from Pinterest


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