SEVEN DAYS ONE SEC #10 // Homecoming Looks

Hey everyone! Double digits already- it’s week ten babes!! This week was my last home game at my football field! It was so bittersweet; it was upsetting to know that my graduating class would never play on the field again! We all grew up there, I started attending games when I was six and now almost twelve years later it’s heartbreaking! But, I know that new opportunities are on the horizon. Also, the faculty vs seniors football game is coming up soon, and this time I’ll be the one playing football on the field. Yes, me. Fashionista takes the field! But anyway, this week’s football game was also homecoming. At my school, the top five girls in the homecoming court are walked down the football field by escort! And it just so happens that I got pictures of all the gorgeous girls in their dresses! So, let’s get to it! As always conquer your week and thanks for reading!! XO, MK

10.16.17- First day of spirit week- dress like your favorite subject (math, gym, chemistry). My friends and I just dressed like a gym teacher with a large sweatshirt, tube socks, and a whistle- simple, yet super comfy on a Monday!

10.17.17- Disney day! After school, I worked on homework, studied a lot of trivia for my scholastic bowl competition, and went to the gym!

10.18.17-Dress like a different school day! Then, I went to the hair dresser to get a toner and hair cut!!

10.19.17-Rock, Paper, Scissor Day! Dress like a rock star, all in white like paper, or sharp like scissors! I chose rock attire- leather jacket and band tee! And of course a Thursday night ritual pregame fire!


10.20.17-Pink out day for Breast Cancer Awareness! I had a pep rally at school and then FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!! The game on Friday night was my school’s homecoming game as well! To check out all of the gorgeous ladies on the court scroll down!!


Posing with my younger sister and her besties!!

10.21.17- Lazy Saturday! Lounging around and applying to college! That’s right!! Adulting LOL

10.22.17-Visiting Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia! Pictures will be posted later this week!!


One of my best friends, the gorgeous Julia strutting a sleek black pencil style dress with an off the shoulder faux fur. She paired it with a velvet black choker. Sassy and sophicasted!


The beautiful Kayla gracefully modeling a peach party dress with pockets! The color compliments her porcelain skin under the Friday night lights! And let’s take a second to appreciate her flawless curls!


Mia is rocking a two piece burgundy dress! I don’t know what I love more the sassy, bedazzled halter neck top or the pleated bottom! The gorgeous Mia paired her dress with a nude shoe!


Breana is runway ready! She is modeling a deep garnet gemstone halter neck! Her sweet and simple dress is paired with diamond earrings and a beaded bracelet! Take a second to appreciate the beautiful Breana’s flawless curls and makeup!


Bow down the queen!! The stunning Laura is rocking a floral print party dress. She has paired the circular halter top with black dangling earring! The mob color flower motif beautifully contrast with the striped black background!


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