Hey babes! Welcome back! First I want to start off with an apology!! I feel like I am totally failing at blogging this week! I have been beyond busy with college preparations!! SOS!! So, as a peace offering, I present you with one of the latest trends- circle handbags. Cool. Chic. And retro. I am obsessed. The circular style reminds me of cosmetic luggage from the 1950s and 60s. The bags are clean and simple. They match any outfit. And I know speaking from the perspective of a high school senior, this bag is the perfect size- it fits the essentials (phone, pencils, calculator, cosmetics). So, buy yourself a new handbag, or maybe a few, you deserve it! So let’s get to it! As always, thank you so much for reading! XO, MK

FontCandy (44)

1- This straw bag will leave people speechless. And it gets cooler, this bag is handmade from natural straw called “Atta.” Check it out!

2- This millennial pink purse is sweet, innocent, and sassy. The flowers add a feminine flare to the bag. Check it out!

3- Check out this Ooh Lala Poppy handbag from Kate Spade. Not only is this deep red bag great for fall, but it will look flawless with Christmas attire. There is also a gold clasp at the top that makes the bag complete! How adorable!!

4- One word. Fringe. Okay two more words- in love!! This bag is a statement piece you need to add to your closet. Check it out!

5- I thought this bag was so unique. This show stopping piece will leave jaws dropped and heads turning three hundred and sixty degrees (sorry, sorry I couldn’t resist). Check it out!

6- This emerald green bag will add a pop of color to any outfit. The thick strap adds a vintage look. Check it out!

7- Tassels are everywhere. From our ears to our boots, so why not add them to our bags!  The vibrant color combination will transform any outfit. Check it out!

8- Tassels again? Yes! The navy and white stripes are playful, yet elegant. Check it out!

9- This black straw round bag is both edgy and bohemian. Add it to jeans or a dress! You will runway ready! Check it out!

Featured photo taken from Pinterest



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