Seven Days One Sec #9

Wow already nine weeks have passed since I have started this series! A long, stressful nine weeks!! And things just don’t seem to be slowing down. Anddd drum roll please!! Only 16 days until Halloween! So 16 days of carving pumpkins, drinking apple cider, and shopping for the perfect Halloween costume! Does anyone have any cute ideas?? I was thinking a unicorn, but that might be too basic LOL! The struggle is real. Enough chatting about myself, what have you guys been up to?! Comment below! So let’s get to it!! As always, thank you times a million and more for reading and conquer your week!! T-MINUS 5 days until FRIYAY. XO, MK

10.9.17- Homework and Pilates class! I helped my sister and her friend paint pumpkins.. and by that I mean I mostly watched , but look how cute they came out!


10.10.17- Tutored the sweetest girl in the world

10.11.17- Went shopping with my best friend and made sweet snacks for the football team! What do you think Pinterest fail or nail?!


10.12.17-Pregame Thursday night fire with my friends!

10.13.17- I bet you were expecting Friday night lights! Plot twist: The game was Saturday this week! So, I helped my friend babysit her cousins!

10.14.17-Oh yes! SATURDAY AFTERNOON LIGHTS! Well, there wasn’t any lights on the field, but you know what I mean. And after that my day was filled with more football, I went to another school district’s game.



10.15.17- I had to finish writing and editing my paper for English class! Then, I went the 900 Marketplace craft show and vintage market. Take a look at the cool photos below! And finally, because this upcoming week is spirit week at my school, I went shopping with my friends for the days!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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